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    Tech hardware/software, HPC, cars, modeling, video editing, figuring out and implementing unique use-cases for DIY hardware
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    I have a background in engineering. I've designed (on a team) hardware used by big boy companies and worked in fabrication plants assuming it's at least 8 years old. I then moved on into software and worked my way up rapidly by blending my intimate knowledge of hardware to effectively communicate with user end software. It's very likely you have used an enterprise grade piece of hardware I may have had a hand in or use a service I had a direct hand in today.

    I'm a pretty laid back person and never toot my horn. Always willing to learn and listen. Also enjoy long walks on the beach with a dog. Any dog. Provided it's clean. Bonus points if it's a corgi.

    Also love tech rumors no matter how infinitely wrong, right or absurd they are!
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    Senior Staff Software Engineer/Frmr. Senior Hardware Engineer


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    Intel 3770K 3.5 Ghz @ 4.2 o/ Air
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 32GB
  • Storage
    Main: MX100 512 GB
    Secondaries: 2x 700 GB HDD, 1x 3 TB HDD
  • PSU
    SeaSonic 650 watt

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  1. Yeah, that is something that stuck out to me. In theory, that is 75 MB/s transfer before overhead slowdown. It's very fast. I'm a few hundred short than you myself. I suppose if you could record bandwidth data in your router whenever the network connects with data servers on Azure you could probably do the math and figure out the time against the data transferred from them to you and get an approximation. Ideally, as you pointed out the game should hopefully do better on next-gen hardware. The 2080ti for example is what, a little more than 2 years old at this point? I haven't really seen any 5700XT videos, though I haven't looked for them specifically. While I am hesitant about how many people this game/sim sucks in, on the other hand it'll give MS and Asobo incentive to invest heavily in it and we won't see the deterioration that was FSX.
  2. Interesting review. For some reason I had figured AMD's later FX processors wouldn't be up to snuff because I'd been reading some bad reviews of performance of 2500K processors struggling over at AVSim, a forum I don't recommend visiting unless you can stomach constant negativity. I've been playing Flight Simulator since the 98 edition when I was much younger. The thing about FS is that it was always a good game/sim series. FS2004 apart from FS2000 (Concorde Yo) was pretty memorable because it was a special edition due to its connection with the Wright flight. Anyway, it wasn't until summer/fall 2006 when FSX came out. FSX was generally smoother than FS9 at similar FPS, but FSX was a performance hog in its own right. At the time, the 8800GTX was the best card you could use unless you were one of the people who were fooled into buying a 8800 Ultra. As the years went on, it didn't improve too much. P3D in its many revisions certainly fixed a chunk of issues. Up until FS2020, it was almost unheard to see a sim with this much detail both in eyecandy and behind the scenes with reasonable performance, even with older and slower hardware. FS2020, titled as Flight Simulator, is supposed to be an ongoing project. While I dread the performance not improving due to the debacle that was FSX for many years, I suspect Asobo, Microsoft and the major graphic card companies (See: NVIdia and AMD) will work together to push the limits of hardware and make it more efficient in the process. I probably won't pick the game/sim up for at least 6 months to a year because I have a long backlog to go through. Hopefully it's as crisp and fresh then as it is now. Hopefully someone makes a new Concorde for FS. I'd love to see that in game coupled with the new graphics engine.
  3. Hello all. New here. Not new to Linus. He is the very reason I've spent thousands of dollars in hardware over the years, not that I'm complaining!