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    Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
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    Intel DG965RY
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    4x2Gb DDR2
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    Nvidia GT610
  1. Hi, I would like to know if that PSU is good enough? It appears as a Tier B PSU but I would like to know more. Here is a photo
  2. Hi. While I was trying to find a decent AiO for my new computer( CPU: 3900XT), I found this EVGA CLC 240 ( the code is 400-HY-CL24-V1). I would appreciate you could tell me how good or bad is, what are the pro and cons of it, any known fault it has or any other important thing I should consider about it.
  3. the 740qm is the one. Now, to look for it in china. thanks
  4. I have done a quick research and i found that those 7xx/8xxqm CPU were installed in ROG laptops, with two fans.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to make any other upgrade to an Asus K52JT laptop (i5 460m, hd graphics 6370m, 8gb ram,480gb ssd+500gb hdd). I was thinking about switching the processor (i7) and gpu, but the later is soldered to the MB. Officially, it supports up to 8gb ram but is it possibly to tweak something to reach 16gb?. What about a eGPU?
  6. Found some shops that have it. Can it cool a 3900x/xt under load?
  7. Nope, where I live (Peru), air coolers are like the basic ones, they look like almost stock ones. There was a variety of AIO coolers before the pandemic but now it's either really cheap(240 local) or really expensive(900-1100 local). The midrange that was between450-650 local(mostly Corsair ones)is gone. Also, PSUs are suffering the same fate; I wanted to buy a G750H($100) but there are few shops that still have it and I think that I will have to buy an overpriced Seasonic one. (local to dollars divide by 3.55)
  8. Well, no many options remaining here. I should wait so most shops here can restock. Even wholesalers have almost no stock remaining. They have this Aorus stuff that is really expensive (here), and that not know brand that is really cheap
  9. Hi guys, I started buying parts for my new rig and I found this Masterliquid ML240L* for about ~$100. (350 in local currency) It is my only known brand option in the market because there is another brand that doesn't figure there in the US but is like 240 in local currency ($75 aprox) and I don't want to buy something of a brand that I have never heard nor read in my life.( Just if you want to know the brand is Antryx) So, is that Cooler Master aio good? Sistema De Refrigeración Líquida Cooler Master Masterliquid - S_ 350,00 en Mercado Libre.htm
  10. Is the $40 or so and no air cooler difference worth it? For 3D design and that stuff, and a bit of light gaming.
  11. I read a lot of reviews about the dilemma of choosing between GeForce and Quadro, and most of them finish in quite the same result: Quadro is better, even a not too old and not bank-breaking card, (P1000 or 2000), compared to their GeForce equivalent. I'm planning to sell the stuff I print and Geforce often have reliability problems as they aren't on the approved graphic cards list of Solidworks(and similar software). Little details are the reliabilty problems, they won't appear on models; also drivers.
  12. 3D design and printing. Software: solidworks and similar The seller is Amazon, not a third party vía Amazon so it should be pretty safe right?
  13. Hi, I found this card (quadro p2200) in amazon. I'm planning to use it in the PC I'm about to buy. The problem is that while I was reading the reviews of it, I noticed that the GPU didn't come in a "commercial" box, instead it is a black box with a sticker that says "quadro+ model+ bulk". Continue reading the comments, an Australian guy wrote that it comes without anything but the card, no manual, no driver CD, not even an antistatic bag; it's only a plastic tray, the card and a plastic cover.So the card went to Australia possibly shaking all the journey there. -First of all, any of you have bought this black box PNY cards, - Is it refurbished, fake, or simply OEM? - Is the boxing adequate for a GPU, and for such a long journey? I'm quite concerned about the last point because if I have to buy one after your replies, it will have to survive a similar trip length ( not to Australia but to south America and shipping companies don't treat as so well) I insert the link so you can check it. https://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-Quadro-P2200-Video-Graphic/dp/B07VPVBLYP/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  14. Quite confusing all this stuff nowadays. Not many worried about this "compatibility" years ago. Yes, the MB will be a Strix x570-e. The specs say it supports 3200Mhz memory but the **** QVL does not. Anyway, thanks for the help guys
  15. I couldn't find exactly the same kit, but one that differed in the spd latency and spd latency, being: -the one I can find here: spd latency 15-15-15-36 and speed: 2133mhz and -the one on the QVL list: latency 18-18-18-43 and speed 2666mhz. So, what does that mean? Just to turn on XMP?