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  1. I updated the bios and set the XMP profile. set the ram speed in BIOS to 3600, but when I open CPU-Z it listed at 1600 or 2400
  2. GPU is not even under load, when it crashes, only the CPU
  3. So for LOLs I decided to launch GTA V on 3090 and for some reason the game only uses 8-15% in offline and like 5-8% in online. I am stuck at 100-120fps on a 240/1440p monitor. Does anybody know what is going on? CPU usage is at 25% Per Core: one core is stuck has max usage of 70% and it is not even the boosted one 10980xe OC to 4.5 + boost cores to 4.7
  4. Re-read the original post, mistaken the PSU, yes like someone just pulls the plug.
  5. So I am pretty new to OC and I am unable to get a stable OC, each time I trip my PSU, Asus AI overclocker ends up also tripping it. 10980xe OC to 4.5ghz all core EVGA 3090 Be quiet! 1200w 80plus platinum, fully modural CPU is water cooled
  6. Does anybody know how often do those side panels comeback into stock? I can’t find a new one anywhere
  7. So I had some motherboard issues, so I could not set up a raid 0 on initial setup for my boot drive. Is there a clean way for me to create a raid 0 pair and transfer windows with everything on to it. Or is my only choice transfer data to my HDD and then set up raid 0, delete windows and remove it on the single SSD I have 3 samsung 860 pro 2tb, one of which is set up as a boot drive.