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  1. So, firstly, not sure where to put this topic, so I apologize. I am trying to see if there are adapters or kits that will allow additional RGB strips to sync with Aura or iCUE. I have an ROG laptop and mouse w/mousepad, and the Corsair lapdog for when the 55" turns into a rocket league monitor and those, through trial and error, finally sync right with the updates between Asus and Corsair. But, are there individual RGB strips that can link with the system somehow to place them along the desk, etc...? TIA!
  2. Actually, follow-up on that logic, would the 49" q80t hit that thought process as well? While not an OLED, and mentioning no cost limit, a 500-700$ differences I still a big difference, especially because we have our Bravia OLED in the living room for actual premium content. I guess being able to have the peripherals plugged into the TV/monitor would be a plus too.
  3. If I drop the native aspect ratio, would the 2070 maxq have an issue with it? I know obviously not in 4k, but 1440. I know the MBP won't really have an issue, for basic media display anyways.
  4. So, our household consists of my wife's 16"MBP and my ASUS Gu502GW laptops, so we both have access to DP 1.4 or equivalent with adapters. We are trying to find a monitor that can function with both and also serve as an extra TV in the bedroom where our new desk is located. Cost really isn't a super issue, but overall form and functionality is the main drive here. - wife does mainly content creation and media viewing on her MBP. - I use my ROG for college and gaming (FPS, story driven, all, etc...) - I know there are UHD tv that are compatible, like the Q80T from Samsung and the LG CX OLED, but as those are 48 and 49", they are larger than desired for using when on the desk. - the ASUS XG438Q and the Acer CG437K are at 43", which is about the peak for size desired as a desktop monitor. - 4k is a desire, as we will be hooking up the PS4 as well to ease with movie watching. - may VESA mount on wall or desk, but that all depends on the Ideas? Looking to settle on one within the next 24-48 hrs, as shipping will be a week or more typically. TIA!
  5. Was gifted a rift S, so that's why I mentioned the need of a DP/mDP. This necessity and how ASUS mounts their usb-c/display to prioritize the onboard makes ASUS models the exchange has in the price range of 14ish out of the question.
  6. So, I'm finally shifting away from my wife's MBP and wanting to get a gaming derived laptop. I need a laptop as I'm still a full time college student and stay at home parent, so mobility around the house and traveling is a must and I would prefer to keep it at the 15" models as a 17" begins to be tedious when I'm typing papers. I know most laptops can run AAA games at decent FPS and resolution nowadays, but the I/O selection is where my debate has been, as my wife and I want to VR and display onto our TV/projector/hotels, so my search has been narrowed to needing a dedicated DP/mDP (Sorry Asus). Next, to add onto this fiasco, my shopping is primarily limited to AAFES online and they either have dirt crap or $3500 systems and not much in between. Unfortunately, due to these criteria, I seem to limited to either the MSI GL63 SEK-615, MSI GP65 10SFK-47, or a version of the Alienware M15 R3 with the RTX 2070. Obviously the MSI models are cheaper by a few hundred than AW, but would like input. TIA! Note: my selection is limited to Pre-built configurations that the retailer has in their warehouse, which is why G14, GS66, etc are not mentioned.