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  1. Will take a look. Seems like it´s really usefull. Thanks!
  2. Hello nice people of the LTT forum. I´ve finally convinced my wife of changing our old 32" 1080p Samsung TV (not even smart TV, really old device) to a better TV. Right now we use a PC next to the TV to enjoy the content we want to view (YouTube, Twitch, Amazon Video and Netflix) and use a Switch for gaming and sometimes a PS4. Things like HDR, 4k and such will probably be welcome but just the change of panel to something newer will be a big win. Desired size would be 49" - 55" (something bigger will not fit) I currently live in Germany (if that is a necessary data needed for finding deals) and don´t mind buying from China or similar and having it send home. I would desire to spend no more than 600€ but the cheaper the better as we have a little kid prone to throwing things (that´s why I´m not going for super expensive OLED tvs and such)
  3. Thank a lot! That plywood covering the screen was something I would have never thought about! I will give it a try.
  4. So I'm moving from Spain to Germany due to work and I will have to move my desktop PC and I need some advice. The move will be done by road by a moving company. I have 2 screens and a TV that I have to move and that I don't have the original boxes for. What recomendation could you give me so they don't break because I have an expensive 1440p 144Hz and It would be a pain if it broke (the tv and other screen are old and I would be bothered but not as much). I'll be moving as well 3 pc towers as well. As for my tower (Fractal Design Define C) I'm sure I'm going to dissasemble both the Noctua NH-D15 and the Gigabyte G1 Gaming GTX970 because their size and weight can break the MOBO. I also have a 2TB HDD, would you recommend taking that out too? The second tower in a cheap NOX Saphira case. It has a Scythe Kotetsu tower cooler and a MSI GTX 960 in it. The GPU is fit pretty tight and it's almost imposible to move. I don't have the box for the gpu nor the cpu cooler. I also have a 1TB HDD in this machine. What would you recommend? The third and last case is a really old pc that I'm using as a livingroom pc. It has an Intel stock cooler and a very basic radeon r7 somrething GPU and an SSD. I thinking about moving that PC as it is. First PC can be moved in the original case box, for the others I've got a couple of boxes sorted out. Thanks for all the advice
  5. Ok. I finally got to do a clean Windows 10 instal. Don't know what happened, but It's done. Thanks for the help
  6. Another update! Got a new and clean Windows 10 ISO, mounted it on USB using Rufus (the other one I used was made using the windows tool). Used the MOBO USB 2.0 ports but still driver error. I'm thinking about doing a clean install on the HDD and then clone it on the SSD, although that's not ideal
  7. Going to give a bit more of data. I'm currently using bios version 3503 (latest bios). SSD is in SATA6G_1 port and my old HDD is on SATA6G_2 port. Both ports are managed by Intel's chipset. Tried installing with the HDD connected and disconnected from the MOBO. Drivers error still happening. I can see drive both in BIOS and in Windows 10. I'd rather not migrate this old windows install to that drive and do a clean isntall
  8. In the bios and user guide it shows as SATA6G_1. I'm using one of the back usb 2.0 ports
  9. I finally bought a Samsung 860EVO SSD to upgrade my computer form a HDD to an SSD. I have an Asus Maximus Hero VII MOBO but when I use the USB I have for installing windows, windows setup shows an error about lacking drivers. USB drive is working fine on other computers, SATA is set to AHCI. and I can't seem to find a driver on Samsung's website. If I stick the drive on a running windows machine it shows up correctly in drive manager and it also shows up in the BIOS. Can you help me fix this, please?
  10. Thanks a lot for your answer. I'll give the WD blue a look.
  11. So I'm looking to buy an SSD for my pc. I mainly use it for gaming and doing some work with unreal engine. I was thinking about an m.2 just to avoid having to put more cables in the case. My motherboard is a Asus Maximus Hero VII. I was thinking of getting 250Gb and having windows and the programs I use most on the SSD and using the HDD I currenty have to store my games library and my UE projects. The Samsung 970 evo seems good (I can also keep it if I update my system in the future), maybe it's not worth getting someting so good for such an old system and I should just get a normal SATA SSD. Can you guys please help me make up my mind to do a good purchase. Thanks
  12. Ok! All fixed and working. Both HDD and the DVD drive now appear correctly in bios and the PC can boot into Windows flawlessly. My dad is going to try running the system with only 1 of the RAM sticks (2Gb) if he thinks it's enough there will be nothing more to do. If not, any recomendation about where to get DDR2 800 memory sticks? I've been looking on Amazon but they look sketchy as hell... and even though they have good reviews the bad ones have nice facts listed on why not to buy (BTW, I will be buying from Spain). Thanks a lot!
  13. Wow! System just booted and turned off after like 10 seconds, I could see a no boot device error (normal, no HHD connected). I took a look at the RAM, seems like 1 stick is malfunctioning. So I think I found my problem and it's an easy fix (if i can fing DDR2 memory). Weird it didin't give malfunctioning memory beep code. Thanks for your time and all the help I've recieved so far. Will post when I finish with this to confrim the fix
  14. Good dat people of LTT forums. So, this morning I completely removed cpu heatsink, checked for bent pins and such and it all looked fine. CPU is a Intel E5700 I reseated it, reapplied thermal paste and put the CPU stock cooler back on. I also checked the MOBO to see if any of the elements soldered to it were loose but upon visual inspection and touching if they were loose, they all seemed fine. I cleared CMOS again. Cheched CPU compatibility with this ASRock G31M-VS2 MOBO and it's compatible in all BIOS, reseated the ram sticks and plugged the PSU again. Yet again, it gets power from the PSU (CPU fan starts spinning) but nothing shows on display. The speaker does no beeps (it does beep for memory malfunction when you take out the RAM sticks). I'm trying this with nothing more conected. PC usually worked with 2 Seagate Barracuda 250Gb HDD (which showed up correctly in another pc) and an LG DVD reader. The PSU I'm using is still the cheap ass B-Move SR-500 500W, but I have no other lying arround unless I dissasemble my computer. What do you guys think of this? I'm not sure if it's a dead CPU, VGA port failure, MOBO malfunction or PSU malfunction. At my dad's workplace the pc did boot and showed a no boot drive/ insert boot media, so I guess VGA port is working correctly. The drive to my home was gentle, with no bumps and such, so I dont expect that is what damaged the pc (even more)
  15. Hi, I'm no expert but I'll try to help. First of all, I see you mention registry errors and programs not installing correctly. Could you specify a bit more? I don't know how Windows keys stored in bios work, but I'll read something on it to see if I can help more. My guess is as long as you don't change hardware it should activate properly. Usually drivers install when installing Windows and you should be ready to run. Anyway, you say the pc is on warranty. If I were you I'd get the company to fix it (even if they are not willing) because it's their obligation to fix it.