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  1. Got an NVMe M.2, what should I use it for? I’ve bought a 500GB Crucial NVMe M.2 SSD from Amazon because it was only £30 (with discount) and I am unsure of what to use it for. I’ve already got 2x 500GB SSD SATA3 (not M.2) and two HDDs, a 1TB and a 500GB and I have my W10 on the SSD, my game library on the other SSD. The 1TB SSD is used for games that are not open world and that I don’t play often as well as backups of my old laptop and MacBook that I can’t be asked to clean and I just drag it along just in case I’ll need files from it for Uni. The 500GB HDD is used as a buffer for moving things temporarily on it when I need to clean stuff around or move them between the PC and MacBook (it’s exFAT for compatibility). Taking all of that into account, and the 3000 Nvidia cards being able to take advantage of NVMe, what should I do with it? 1) Use it as a Windows 10 boot drive 2) Use it as a game library drive 3) Use it as exFAT or FAT32 for W10 to MacOS transfers
  2. It’s beyond me at this point but I hope you manage to fix it and let us know.
  3. Hey! Just as @Radium_Angel said, I too have the same issue with my PC. The only difference is that I have a 3100 and 1660 S and that my b450 is from ASRock. Radium_Angel and I spend weeks troubleshooting and trying to see what the issue could be and after Replacing the PSU, getting a motherboard replacement and making sure nothing else is malfunctioning we have reached the conclusion that the pair between an AMD Ryzen 3000 and a B450 motherboard is what is causing the POST issues. I’m obviously not adamant that you are facing the same issue but if you exhausted any other possibilities then perhaps your issue is the motherboard (and it’s BIOS) not being 100% designed to work with Ryzen 3000 and is causing it to have boot issues. I have just gotten over it and now that I know that the computer parts are safe I just make sure the PC doesn’t go to sleep or hibernating and I just turn it on and off and on again until I get into the OS. To make it easier to have a stable POST I have disabled XMP but you might wish to leave it on for extra performance.
  4. Does it work just fine when the optical drives are removed? If so then perhaps purchase 2 SATA to USB adapters and use them with your optical drives instead of having them plugged into the motherboard with SATA. If the PC doesn’t output video anymore now regardless, then perhaps remove the optical drives and the HDD/SSD and boot into UEFI/BIOS and see if that works with no problem, if there is no Video out still at all the troubleshoot starting from your GPU to your CPU ( you said your PSU is good then dw about it but if you doubt your PSU then check that first ). Hope this helps
  5. Thank you! Based on your experience do you think I should get a bigger wattage power supply or just return it back on amazon and get something similar? Assuming that it’s the power supply
  6. Given that everything is brand new, anything that I can do? The power supply calculator for my parts made me think that 500w would be enough.
  7. Help with my PC Hi! I’ve recently built the $500 PC from the LTT video with the only changes being 16GB RGB RAM (Trydent X), 5 additional rgb fans, 1660 super and a. 500w 80 power supply from EVGA (Amazon sales) and instead of buying new storage I’ve used my old ssd and hdd. Due to going back to full time work and not doing much gaming on the PC I haven’t used it enough to notice that the PC doesn’t always boot into Windows 10 but instead having all of the fans on full power and the rams rgb on but no image on the monitor and nor does my keyboard turn the rgb on ( the mouse does turn on however). HOWEVER, upon turning it on and of after about 5 attempts on average it turns on ok, the fans slow down and I can get into W10 or Bios. Due to not using it often I haven’t noticed it until after installing all of the W10 and motherboard drivers. So far I have: - enabled and disabled XMP - cleared the UEFI settings from the BIOS menu - took out and replaced the RAM stick and even tried just one stick - unplugged the Case fan from the MB - changed the power cord, and the wall socket (UK btw) - changed the hdmi from monitor to tv - Updated the BIOS to the last version while in W10 - Watched 5 hours worth of Bitwit and Jayztwocents videos on potential fixes Due to it being my first PC I’m am worried that I might’ve screwed something wrong such as the MB in the case or something. The RAM is in the B1 and B2 slots and the cpu and gpu temps are normal while in the OS and no crashes while gaming at ultra. I am super confused as I come from Playstation and Apple stuff but PC master race is supper sweet. I again am saying that the PC works fine when it does boot into W10 but it is concerning that I have to try multiple times to get it to work and I don’t want to keep doing it and having a potential fatal flaw waiting for me! Thank you in advance and please don’t rip to hard into me.