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  1. Only thing I haven't tried are the display ports but I doubt that they're working if the hdmi and dvi ones are not, also no adapters. I'm sure the port is not defect since my strix R9 380 is working perfectly fine in the exact same port when I switch them.
  2. No adapters, connected to gpu since I have no integrated graphics, only gpu that's in the rig
  3. Ok so I've bought a used evga gtx 1070 ftw, it was working when I tested it at the seller but when I connected it to my rig there was no display. It lights up and the fans are spinning, I have a good enough PSU to support it, checked for any damages on the card there are none. Tried with different cables (HDMI and DVI) no luck. Please help if you know what might be the issue. MSI B350-tomahawk mobo Ryzen 5 2600 750w PSU 16gb HyperX ddr4 2400mhz RAM (4X4Gb)
  4. I've actually updated the post, plugged the GPU in my own PC and it works with the fans and everything, now all that's left is to test the PSU and the MoBo and see which one of those is faulty although there is no way to know for sure for the PSU... It may be just degraded and doesn't supply it's 500w anymore
  5. I have repasted it and cleaned everything, what confuses me the most is that the GPU actually heats up, both the memory chips and the processor of the GPU itself, but the fans aren't working and nothing is displayed, that's why I turned to LTT forums
  6. Thank you for all the suggestions, currently at work but as soon as I get back I'll be putting it in my gaming rig to test it. Does anyone know if the GPU is dead/damaged can it do any damage to the motherboard except from damaging the PCIe port?
  7. So I've bought an used PC with R7 370 windforce with hopes I can clean it and flip a profit. The thing is when I fired it up to make sure everything is working the GPU wasn't disolaying anything, tried hdmi and dvi still nothing. The card was VERY dirty with dust and I've cleaned all of it. The fans twitch on a set interval and at the same time for about 5 degrees and go back to their original position. Everything else runs fine, I still havent tried mobo I/O since I haven't got a vga cable which I'm getting next to see if that works. Apart from the gpu everything else seems to be in order, no beeps from mobo, no other unusual sounds or activities. P.S. I've attached a picture of how everything looked like before cleaning it, the PSU is 500w and the previous owner confirmed everything was working well until one day the GPU didn't display anything so I doubt it's insufficient power issue Edit/Update: put the GPU in my own rig and it worked, fans were spinning and image was being output, everything works fine, so I'm guessing it's either the PSU or the MoBo in the PC I bought that's faulty