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  1. I have a laptop with a 1TB hard disk. Whenever I boot up or shutdown and even when not in use the hard disk makes audibly loud clicking sound (like 2 metals hitting) The performance is stable and has no issues. Should I be concerned about the sounds? Thanks.
  2. Does humidity affect computers or laptops. If so what is the optimal level for it. This maybe a dumb question. I'm just curious and a bit concerned!!
  3. Will this be available for mobile AMD CPUs, like the 4000 series.
  4. So if I run a game or Photoshop will it use the GPU? Thanks a lot by the way!
  5. I have an HP pavilion 15, which has AMD 4600h and GTX 1650. My laptop display is running on the integrated amd Radeon graphics and not nvidia. I have the latest drivers and also tried reinstalling them. Please help! Thank you.