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  1. It's a moot point now. I order a couple of these instead of cutting. It'll be better looking than the standard USB 3.0 anyways, even if they didn't have the USB 2.0 splitting off. Now if I can only find some sleeved USB cable combs, but I don't think anyone makes them. https://www.performance-pcs.com/cables/usb-cables/internal-usb-cables/akasa-usb-3-0-19-pin-internal-extension-cable-with-low-profile-connector.html
  2. Want some combs for this cable and I can only find combs for PSU cables. https://www.performance-pcs.com/cables/usb-cables/internal-usb-cables/akasa-usb-3-0-19-pin-internal-extension-cable-with-low-profile-connector.html
  3. My Anidees Crystal XL Pro's front panel USB 3.0 connections, also has 2.0 connections split off it. For people's motherboards who don't have 3.0 headers. However I do have 2 3.0 headers so I don't need those. Plus the 2.0 wires are colored and are too close to the end of the 3.0 to tuck and hide them. Will it hurt anything if I cut those 2.0 off?
  4. I'll be migrating my current PC to a new a case in a week and I was daydreaming about running a couple of small cables under the MOBO. So I searched for some longer standoff screws. lol Until it dawned on me that they'd then make my IO shield not fit in the case. Why is there such a different amount of lengths? What would these really long ones be used for? https://www.amazon.com/Standoff-Threaded-Motherboard-Assortment-Mounting/dp/B06XQ33Y9X/ref=sr_1_18?dchild=1&keywords=motherboard+standoff+screws&qid=1603252578&sr=8-18 Are there cases that are really that different from the standard size standoff screws? Probably a really newb question, but considering I've only built all of 1 PC I'm still a newb.
  5. Not sure. I have a 240 Arctic liquid freezer II. It's non RGB and the pump, its tiny fan, and its 2 120mm fans, are all run off 1 4pin MOBO header. My diagram is for RGB, not fans anyways. Those Halos are just LED fan FRAMES, not fans. They just screw on to the front or back of a fan to make it RGB. My 10 Noctua fans are all controlled off my Taichi's 4 pin fan headers. 4 Exhaust are using a 4 way fan splitter. The rest have 2 way fan splitters.
  6. This was more or less to try my hand at making a diagram pic with the Gimp GNU image editor. Never created or edited anything with photoshop or the like so I wanted to try out a free editor. But I thought it might help people who like me had trouble easily finding info on how to use ICUE with non Corsair products so I'm posting it. ICUE is far ahead of most of its competitors since you can not only edit each individual LED, you can run multiple color modes and even make your own custom modes. But Corsair products are about ungodly expensive. lol All of like 6 Corsair LL fans would cost me around what I spent for my entire RGB setup.
  7. That's a 4pin fan hub. I need USB 2.0. Thanks anyways though
  8. I have 3 Corsair lighting node pros that need a home to plug into. Between them and my case and I'm way short in the header department. I know NZXT makes one and it's actually the one everyone at the Corsair forums recommend. https://www.nzxt.com/products/internal-usb-hub But it's one header shy of what I need. I tired this. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08C9YXFHT/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 But it's a complete utter piece of garbage that sends no data. The only thing that worked was the female 3.0 and that was only good for simple things like charging my phone. lol But hey, at least it didn't about catch on fire like some people on Amazon have claimed happened to theirs. (Note to self, Read the reviews. ALWAYS read the reviews...) So I'm looking for something with 4 or more self powered male USB 2.0 connectors. Any recommendations? I can't seem to find any. Just a whole bunch of the typical external USB hubs.
  9. It also has a mesh front. It comes with both. But how I have it planned out with the fans I already own and using 4 of the stock fans is 6 140mm and 10 120mm. That should be loads of airflow even if I use the glass front instead of the mesh. 3 top 1 rear 140 exhaust. 2 bottom 140 intake. 4 glass side 120 intake. 2 panel side 120 intake with the other 2 having a 240 AIO. Then the stock 4 120 in front as intake. 16 fans with 6 of them being 140mm means I should be able to run them all at not even half RPM making them utterly silent and still have good airflow. And if that somehow turns out not to be the case I always have to option to throw the mesh front panel on. I know it's way more case than I need but it'll give me the option to run real liquid cooling one day if I want to instead of AIO. Plus it can fit just about every motherboard ever invented so it's more or less completely future proof. That's my reasoning anyways.
  10. Looking at the AI Crystal XL Pro. But it has all of one video review which didn't tell me much more than I could already see for myself in pics. Any of you know anything about Anidees?
  11. I've been a floor installer for the past 20 years. Mostly carpet but the last year was almost all laminate. The last year of working anyways. Technically I'm unemployed right now thanks to COVID and have been since March. There is zero reason whatsoever for the gov to shut us down since we were only doing new construction and my crew and I would be the only ones in the entire house. But that's California for you. We're run by idiots. Especially our king, I mean governor Herr Newsom the first. A man who cares so much about the will of the people he comes in and with a stroke of a pen puts a moratorium on the death penalty. Despite the fact we all voted to keep it. Then a few years later doubled down and voted to expedite the process. But none of that matters to authoritarian know it all lefties. Sigh... Thank god I have a good amount of savings. Texas is looking better and better.
  12. I'm not sure if this, or other RGB posts for that matter, should go here or in peripherals, but if this is the wrong place let me know, mods. Wanted to give a shout out to these guys because in my opinion, not enough info is out there for this type of thing. At least on western tech forums. And if you're anything like me, you like custom items a lot more than things anyone can buy with a few mouse clicks. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001223182416.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.73184c4da3jZ3j Under "blade color" (The type you want) my selection was the "3D Customize 5V3Pin." The "no logo" will just be a blank infinity mirror." Under "Blade Quantity" (The 4 standard sizes or your own customized size being chosen UNDER one of the 4 sizes) my selection was 23x10CM. Though the actual size I picked was to mount on the backside of the bare PCB of my Xonar Essence STX sound card. So I asked for 17.78CM x 10cm. They can't get it to the exact MM to your selection but they can get it close. When asking the lady helping me said "Can not be so exactly, around 17.7-17.8." So again, close enough. Notice the broken English? So yes you'll have a bit of a language barrier but all in all the lady helping me was decently proficient enough to communicate. Not listed anywhere is the thickness. It's around 8.5mm thick. The connection type will be the standard 5v3pin that Aura/mystic light/polychrome/ETC use depending on what you selected under blade color. I imagine it'll work with Gigabyte's VDG as well if you can find a VDG to Aura type adapter. The cable is 19 inches long. Speaking of which it may be possible to select which corner the cable comes out from. I didn't think to ask on mine but I did specifically select the orientation of the skull logo I had picked. So I suspect they can just change the orientation of the logo so the cable ends up where you want it to so you can hide/rout it how you want to. Mine just happened to end up on the exact spot I would have picked anyways, but I thought I'd add that last part if you were going for something different. As you can see from the link there are over 100 logos to choose from as well as a bunch of other templates below that. I'm willing to bet you can send them a pic of your own custom logo and if feasible they can use that? Only guessing on the last part based on talking with some others selling the same type of item on aliexpress and other places. But either way all info is hashed out beforehand in the Aliexpress message center. When you and them confirm all the info they'll ask you to place the order. They'll let you know that it may take up to 3 days to create your selection. That being said my order was placed at 11PM and by the time I woke up the next day at 7:30AM I already had an email that it was shipped. lol That was so fast I messaged to confirm that it was made how I selected it to be made. That was really fast. Speaking of speed. This is an aliexpress item. So you're going to have to be a little patient to get it. This is not like ordering from Amazon or the like where you can expect to get it in a matter of days to a week or so. Mine was ordered on 9/29 and I received it today on 10/15. So considering it's a custom built item coming directly from China, that's practically overnight compared to some items you order from China. Especially because of COVID right now. (lol I have an item coming from Hong Kong that had to go surface mail because COVID had shut down airmail to America. It's been little over 11 weeks and counting so far.) Now on to an example of what you'll get. These pics are taken before I mounted it. Speaking of which it comes with 4 stick on velcro stickers to use to mount. If you don't like those you'll have to get something like double sided tape. The pic with it on cardboard is how it looks like when off. It turns back into a regular mirror and you only see the logo when it's held a certain way to the light, and even then it's just the slightest bit barely visible. The pic with the red circle shows the only con I have with this item. The edges are wrapped so where the cable comes out of the wrapping, it couldn't totally cover the side which allowed some light to spill through. So I had to paint the corner and the only black I had available on hand was really high gloss enamel shown in the yellow circle of the acrylic PSU shroud I made. I just added that because in the pic, I noticed it made it look a lot more ragged than it actually is. What you're actually seeing in the pic is some of my other case LED reflecting off the paint on the corner. I should have gone with a matte black instead for both items but live and learn I guess. I can always paint them again. All in all I'm really happy with how this turned out and I may very well get another one depending on which 3080 I manage to get. Or I might just mount another one in front of the PSU shroud. I searched around all over the place and the only other place I found aside from the Chinese on aliexpress that are making these for PC is here https://www.jmmods.com/gpu-backplates By the pics shown he does good work. But it's also over double the price I paid not even counting shipping. His are also a bit thinner than mine is but he can also make it ICUE or controller capable instead of the standard 3 or 4 pin.
  13. I soooo wish we had a micro center close by me. The one in Cali is 5.5 hours from me. If I had known the 3080 stock was going to be so slim I would have made the drive and camped out. I managed to return my 2080 FE with 1 day left out if the 30 day return they give. Now I'm stuck back with my old GTX 660 which is basically only good enough to go online or watch vids. lol My Z490 Taichi can do that.
  14. Your second? How did you manage to get more than one? lol Scratch that, how did you manage to get 1 to begin with?