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  1. Your perfectly fine, still waiting for the new cpu's to be released anyways. Ah, that would be why the positive pressure was so much higher then the negative between the two studies. I was planning on waiting till i have the parts to cut the opening in the back plate, so i can cut the holes shifted if they would get better airflow somewhere else. Or just leave them out if they dont fit. So like you said it really does come down to the perforated panel. The subpanel to it that i plan to do the cutouts in is going to be just wood, so i could make a few different cutout configurations to see what works best. Feature fill might have been a little easier, I did just have a perforated looking material that i applied to the part before but put the holes in thinking that would help with your simulation. For the foam filter i couldn't find a spec sheet for it, i just got a window unit filter(Frost King sku F1524), i was thinking a mesh screen would end up being more restrictive then a foam filter. I do know that the perforated plate block about 50% of the area, so that would be a reduction in air flow.
  2. @startrek03 Never knew there was such small bits for a larger shank! But i guess it does make sense to have smaller bits like those. @burh4n Those are awesome! thanks for running the simulations. For the modifications for testing, i assume the center divider was brought down to completely close off each side. For the back panel on the right side, where the pci slots left open for the test or only the perforations on the bottom?
  3. @startrek03 Was going to put my handheld circular saw blade on my miter do reduce the diameter, even then probably cutting just enough to peak thru the wood. That would make the material thin along the same line so filing would be easier. Used an exacto knife for cutting the slot in the first panel. The slot is a bit less then ~1/8" wide so a router wouldn't work, maybe a dremel bit, but i can see that going bad. Might see if i can get access to a laser cutter to just make my life easier.
  4. @startrek03 Yeah, not too happy with the sd slot, thinking about having another go at it to get that slot better. Thinking i will do a small plunge cut to get two vertical lines to make the slot cleaner. Got the alum sheets in and did a test fit with my test side panel to make sure the slot fit correctly.(it did =D ) I plan to stain the wood side panel, and paint the wood subpanel thats below the perforated alum black so it matches the foam filter(not shown). Going to either brush finish the alum so it all looks the same, or just paint all the aluminum parts.
  5. Getting my remote hub figured out while i wait for the aluminum panels to arrive. =D Remembering why i hate soldering!
  6. I have a wood desk that i made, its about the same size but only two layers of 3/4" compared to their two 1" layers. I have a armature for my 27" monitor and it doesnt wobble at all when typing. I dont know if they have adjustable feet on theirs, if not then that could add some wobble to the desk, but overall solid wood/plywood desk are really solid. @4K Ultra Noob They state 1" per layers, so 2" total. If your not putting in the HUB two 3/4" layers works fine.
  7. @PriitM This is my first project with kerfs so I'm running test pieces to make sure i have it down, having fun with it though. That side test the radius came in at 1-3/8" instead of the 1-1/2" planned. This reduced the cases width by 1/4", so i'm going to have to dial this in and when i make the final sides do both at once so they come out equal. The length of the case will be easy to dial in as i just cut the front and back panel to size. Once i build the case i will probably run tests with the fans in different configurations just to see how different of a result i get. Glad to hear that no one thinks this is just a fire waiting to happen.
  8. @burh4n Always happy to find ways to improve the design, appreciate your guys help. Only have standard solidworks so dont have the simulation plugin for it. I've linked the soldiworks files along with a .step file as well. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sks99m7071wos2b/AABasQOoCgI8WMppd-cs9EE3a?dl=0
  9. Made a test piece for the side wall with vents to see how well the hole pattern would turn out, got better with them as i went along.
  10. Yeah once i looked at the plan view i figured i needed to move the 60mm fan down. I'll throw the mid barrier wall in, gives me another place to secure the gpu to as well. As for air turnover its about 3x that of a mid tower case(41L) with 3 120mm intakes, assuming the 120mm, 92mm and 60mm fans are intakes, ignoring the GPU and power supply fans. The internal volume is 8L without any parts loaded.
  11. when you want your case to cost as much as the pc inside of it, nice build though!
  12. Updated model shots with the 120mm flipped, 60mm added and a cat5 connector for external input. Or at this point would it be better to slide the 60mm down and switch to an intake blowing over the mobo's vrms? So the cpu fan and 60mm brings air in one side and the spare pcie slot and 120mm exhausts.