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  1. https://pdfcandy.com/result/af9a42b715d6.html also this
  2. Ok thanks! I guess that's the easiest way. I actually just checked and you can export images but with Acrobat Pro so I will have to buy it which is not happening just to get a few images the free version can snapshot so basically screenshotting but with Acrobat
  3. Hey does anyone know how to extract an image from a pdf file? I tried with opening it with edge chromium and then inspect element but couldn't find any jpegs or other images
  4. Yeah I would do that but it's for school and it is required to be done with word functions. Don't worry I figured it out. It turned out to be my PC having . instead of a , as a decimal symbol so I changed it and it worked.
  5. Is there a way to format the cell of a table as a currency in word. I have a custom format for my currency # ##0,00 лв.;(# ##0,00 лв.) but it doesn't display correctly. Can I format it for a currency and then select the currency like in excel? Also why does a font work in English but not Bulgarian. Can I make it work or do I have to select another font?
  6. Thank you boggy77 it actually worked!
  7. Hi! So I am in a table in Microsoft word and if I sum two cells for example 12 and 4 it gives 48 which is correct(I actually multiply them) but if I put 12,14 and 4 for example it gives 104. WTF? I can't finish my document because word doesn't seem to understand decimal numbers. How do I fix it? Also it's for school and inserting an excel table isn't an option as much as I want to do it.
  8. well I got it it's legit. so I guess site is safe maybe
  9. Hi! I wanted to know should I buy software from this website https://buy-keys.com/ ? It offers great prices but is it legit?
  10. Well I have about 75 Mbps download speed from the provider and 50 to 60 upload I think. (I ran a speedtest today and my downloads were around 70 and uploads 55-60). And also I am in Europe not in the US if that matters(since you know I know that a speed that is slow in the US might be faster here because less traffic) although I doubt this would have any effect on multithreading ,or would it?
  11. nothing here just editing out something and I can't delete it
  12. Hey, a new question just popped up. So I am downloading files from AWS Glacier using FastGlacier and it downloads larger files in multiple parallel threads size 16 MB(I am guessing that means it's downloading them in multiple chunks of 16 MB simultaneously)? So I was wondering if I increase that size to 32 or even more like 128 or 256 MB will it download files faster or will that slow it down since it's bigger filesize downloaded at once?
  13. Hi! So I am downloading my files from AWS Glacier but it's gonna take a while and I might have to go to sleep and leave my laptop on doing the task and turn it off in the morning when I wake up. It will have to be plugged in though since otherwise it will run out of battery and I will have to leave the screen on constantly because for some reason the fan turns off with the screen even if the computer is not sleeping and if it's plugged in it heats up. So I have no choice but to leave it screen on all the time plugged in or I am risking the battery to die and my download to be cut off. However is it ok if I leave it like that? I mean could it burn in if I leave it on the app(FastGlacier) open? I mean the app is not completely static when it's downloading there are like two green bars going up all the time indicating progress of current file but other than that everything else is static. So should I just leave it? Should I turn on a screen saver or it's fine to just leave it like that?(I am guessing it will be for like 3-4 hours).It's a Lenovo Ideapad.