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  1. Helle everyone. I am gonna build my first pc in october and i made a part list. But i wanted to know if it was good or if i need to change something. So if someone coult check it for me it would be very much appriciated. Pc:https://nl.pcpartpicker.com/user/building_for_dummies/saved/#view=tJgbK8 Thanks.
  2. My budget is around 1000-1100 euros I live in the netherlands Mostly some basic games like tf2 and mc but i want to play cod warzone and battlefield on it in the future. Some other stuff 60 fps is fine extra is always fun but it isnt necesary it has to be good for like 4 years and am upgrading from a gtx 1050 with a intel i5 and 8 g ram ddr 3 like 2300 mgh i think
  3. Hello everybody. I have a old pc like 4 years old and i want to upgrade it (it is a prebuild). So i went onto the internet and selected some parts that i wanted but am affraid they might not be compatible or am bottle necking some thing. If someone wants to check for me and correct me if neccesary that would be very nice. The Parts: https://www.alternate.nl/EVGA/GeForce-RTX-2060-KO-GAMING-grafische-kaart/html/product/1608032? https://www.alternate.nl/AMD/Ryzen-7-3800XT-socket-AM4-processor/html/product/1647382? https://www.alternate.nl/GIGABYTE/B450M-DS3H-socket-AM4-moederbord/html/product/1465739? https://www.alternate.nl/Corsair/16-GB-DDR4-3200-Kit-werkgeheugen/html/product/1220684? https://www.alternate.nl/be-quiet/System-Power-9-500W-voeding/html/product/1418651? https://www.alternate.nl/Samsung/860-EVO-1-TB-SSD/html/product/1405526? https://www.alternate.nl/Cooler-Master/Hyper-H412R-cpu-koeler/html/product/1396160? The reason there is no case or a hhd inculed is because am gonna use the case and hhd of my current pc and ripp all the other stuff out. Thx for reading and hopefully i dint make some stupid mistakes. P.S sorry fore bad english its my second language