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  1. okay. I guess I'll just rely on my GPU then, I'll have to buy one displayport (this side goes to my nvidia geforce 2060) to HDMI cable (this side goes to my HDTV).
  2. so the hdmi port on my motherboard is disabled because.... i have a graphics card installed?
  3. So last month I built a PC and plugged it into a desktop monitor via HDMI coming out of the HDMI port of my graphics card (Nvidia Geforce 2060). That was a while ago and now I plan on running a second HDMI cable to my 60 inch HDTV as a second monitor for gaming. But now I just tested my motherboard (MSI B450-A PRO MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard) HDMI out port and I'm not seeing anything. However my NVIDIA graphics hdmi out port still works. I guess my question is, how am I supposed to do dual monitor? I thought two HDMI would work fine, is there something I'm missing? Do I have to use the display port connectors or can I still use HDMI?
  4. I went with your motherboard, finally set up the computer, so far no problems but I probably would've gone with something with built in Wi-Fi and bluetooth. I had to pick up a usb wi-fi adapter, still need to buy a bluetooth module too.
  5. oh shoot im so sorry i went with this instead MSI B450-A PRO MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard sorry meant to reply to someone else.
  6. So I went with your Motherboard choice, turns it it doesn't have an onboard wifi module. Any recommendations?
  7. you're right, i tried that and it fits. thank you so much radiating_light. Sorry this is my first build and I'm an absolute noob at this.
  8. Okay, and one more question - I'm trying to install my video card EVGA GeForce RTX 2060 6 GB KO ULTRA GAMING Video Card looks like it won't fit into the 4th row in picture 2. Do I need to snap off the extra pcb of the right side of my video card (picture 1) , see that yellow strip? It would be sitting where the latch is.
  9. ah omg you are right, it's 8. Confused myself there. staring at these diagrams and cables for too long.
  10. So I do have this cable side A is a 10 pin and side B is two 4 pins. I already used up my only 10 pin connection port on my power supply. Also the "ATX12V / PCIe" you mentioned is an 8 pin connection so it wouldn't fit.
  11. Parts I have (relevant to the problem, there are more but I don't need to list them) Motherboard MSI B450-A PRO MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard Power : Fractal Design Ion+ 560 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply Picture 1: back of power supply Picture 2: Taken from manual of my motherboard Now I plugged in bundled cable, on side A was 14 pin and 8 pin connectors, and on side B the other end is a 24 pin connector. I connect Side A to the ATX24-pin on the power supply (picture 1) using both the 14 pin and the 8 pin. Connect Side B to the 24 pin ATX_PWR1. But then nothing connects to my CPU_PWR1 connection on my motherboard? I am watching this video on youtube and it looks like they did both my first step and the additional step of also connecting the two 4 pin connectors to the motherboard, so I'm confused as to what I should do. This is not possible with for me because I already used the only 10 port connection on my power supply. I hope this all makes sense.
  12. Parts: Motherboard: MSI B450-A PRO MAX ATX AM4 Motherboard Storage 1 (already installed) Silicon Power A80 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive Storage 2: Seagate Barracuda Compute 2 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive I already installed the M.2 drive, Now For my Seagate 3.5" which SATA port do I wanna chose? Tried reading the manual for the motherboard but it doesn't say.
  13. Actually problem solved. Turns out with just a little force, you can use a pair of pliers. Then I moved the standoff to the closer location. Then screwed in the M.2 screw. Looks good now.
  14. Okay thanks, yes I found it. But the M.2 riser ( not sure about this terminaology but its the one already on the board) is still an inch away from the edge of the M.2 SSD board. How do I unscrew the M.2 riser to move it to the closer hole pictured above? I tried using a philips head didnt work. It seems like I could use pliers, but I don't want to risk damaging the board.
  15. I found online this BUT my M.2 SSD is too short to reach that golden screw thats connected to the riser. In my case that golden screw is missing but the riser is there. see new photo