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  1. I thought that this would be a good site for help. I guess i was wrong. Did not think it was that hard of a Question and thought that someone would be able to help to an easy question I thought. MrGolf
  2. Canon VIXIA HF G20 I have a Canon VIXIA HF G20. I use the software that came with the camera to import the video's and store them.. I was backing up the video's to another hard drive and all the date's created was changed to today's date. This made all the video's only show up in the year 2020. All the other year's where blank. How can I add metadata to the video's like you can with music files. I want to be able to have the date, time, place, etc. added to the video's. I all so need a better program for Organizing the video's. Is there a program that will import them and keep a database of all the clips by year. Just like the one that came the camera but with more features. I have Vegas video and Adobe Premiere Pro. Is there a AVCHD video clip organizers that is not to expensive. I'm looking for some thing that will work on window's 7 or 10 64 bit. Thanks for your time Mr Golf