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  1. Hey man thanks so much so far the high performance option worked so far im still on 4.30ghz
  2. holy smokes thats alot of wierd words but ill see and i did mess with my fan curves but then put it back to normal also now my ghz went back up since im playing my gta5rp game but goes bk down to .80 when i close out
  3. not sure how to check the clock speeds but the temperatures just went up by 1
  4. I found the CPU temp and it says its at 27C
  5. Thats true but if you think about it those old phones with the back plates coming off so easy was a headache your battery and backplate would slide across the whole room!
  6. i was thinking like a samsung one of the older versions but you do have a point
  7. ok so i downloaded it and clicked the sensors option now what?
  8. Ok thanks ill get back to you
  9. simple you drop it the whole back of the phone comes off
  10. Ok so i have an Intel Core I7-7700k so i was playing GTA5 and notices it seems a bit laggy so i went on my task manager to see if there was anything open that i can close to speed it up.. then i noticed i was only running at 0.80ghz when my CPU normally sits at 4.20ghz so i tried reseting my bios and it didnt work iv tried turboing my CPU that too didnt work i tried to see if there was any updates with my drivers in my bios or anything.. everything was up to date iv seen if my fan headers where installed correctly iv tried almost everything but cant seem to find the reason why it goes from 4.20ghz to 0.80ghz within 1min of starting my pc and no its not the game or anything iv tested that too. Someone PLEASE HELP