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  1. Yeah I have decided on this too, its on newegg for 1500....will probably go with this, thanks a lot
  2. Yeah I was looking into that too, but why is there no webcam?? :////
  3. Yeah I planning to play assassins creed, gta v, etc. With a mid tier graphics card they would be fine.
  4. Wanted to do some gaming too. So was looking for one with gtx 1660ti or higher.
  5. Yeah, it should mostly be online XDD. I wanna build a computer, but parents will only allow a laptop :3
  6. I have been looking for a laptop for ages, but the perfect laptop really is expensive. Same products in Canada are way more expensive than they are in the U.S. Looking for 1tb of storage and 16gb ram. Help a brother out if possible.