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    3030K @4.0 GHZ
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    ASUS P9X79 PRO
  • RAM
    16GB Corsair Vengeance @1600mhz
  • GPU
    ASUS 560 Ti 2GB (waiting on RMA on 780TI)
  • Case
    Corsair 600T
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    OCZ Agility 3 120GB
  • PSU
    OCZ ZX850W
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    Corsair H80
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    Logitech G19
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    Logitech G700
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    Logitech X-530

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  1. Thanks guys, you have all been really helpful. in the end i have decide to invest in a new Samsung EVO 500TB for the minute. Because my kick ass girlfriend said the will get me the ....EVGA classified with acx for my birthday in june :wub: On your guys' recommendation of course Cheers
  2. Thanks for the inclusion, I will give it a watch. recently I have been re watching the marvel anime's only the last 3 episodes of iron man to go . I'll give it a watch tonight
  3. hey guys its a simple one this time... im after a 780Ti, and im just wondering which brand(i have always used asus but im open to suggestions) and or revision is the best. and also should i stay with the reference design as i may be upgrading to a liquid cooling loop Cheers, Mouse
  4. it cut me to my very soul..... it was very emotional
  5. Hi guys, i was sweeping through my face book and i saw this beauty of a troll http://www.htc.com/www/go/gluuv/ i love these things so lets see who can find the best ones..
  6. i agree on the basis that @kuddleworth9419 , mobo makers need to get their asses in gear. when it comes to your your budget boards, yeah you can leave off some of the bells and whistles, but when i spend £250 +pounds on a mobo , i want it to be all 7 all Dancing i want nothing to be left off, i want to feel like its money well spent.
  7. So i was browsing Tech Powerup, and i saw this article, and it looks like ASUS will be moving away from their classic blue on black MOBO colour scheme. I think its about time to see something fresh from them , but i would have loved to see an all black version. Anyways here's a link to the article http://www.techpowerup.com/184051/asus-announces-its-mainline-z87-classic-series-with-a-new-look.html
  8. well ... favourite, hmm i cant choose just one so here's my list of my most loved anime. Although the watch list is much much longer :D Outlaw Star Cowboy Bebop Naruto Bleach One Piece Full Metal Alchemist Gundam Wing Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Eyeshield 21 ​History's Strongest Disciple Kenachi
  9. Well at the moment my colour scheme is Blue/Black in my 600T as my P9X79 PRO has those colours , I always like to match colours from the MOBO up. The RAM is matched buy slot as well 16GB's Black and 16GS Blue(corsair Vengance). The fans are Corsair AF 120's quiet top and rear( Blue ring) and a Blue LED Sector Pro up Front ,and blue alchemys all the way through.
  10. hi i use the bitfenix sector pro in my 600T and it works a treat, so much quieter. I cant comment on clearance though because i run the hdd cage in the secondary position in front of the PSU
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, I ended up going for the OCZ Vector, at the moment their the same price, and I'm in the same boat as ShadyHamster in that i have had a 60 GB agility 3 and i have not had a single issue and thus I'm quite happy with the brand. The question now is what to do with the 60GB OCZ Agility, i was thinking about putting it in an enclosure and using it as a giant flash drive LOL, but more likely as a caching drive for my HDD's. any thoughts , is any one doing this at the moment ?.
  12. Oh Snap , i was looking to get a 900D as well , its a beast of a case from what i have seen so far. im hoping to put a full loop in the 900D as i want to get a more serious over-clock out of my 3930k (4.0) and keep my 600T for a air cooled gaming rig...well once haswell rolls around. the cable management on the 600T and every corsair is a dream im running mine with a full set of bifenix alchemy's as well as the regular cabling and the back just pops on, no problems. and the cut out's make royting a dream !!
  13. Hi guys , i'm looking to up date my SSD (ocz agility 3 60 GB) had it for a while its used as a boot drive only for lack of space. Frankly i'm tired of having no space & routing every single thing to another drive when i install something; so i was wondering what would be the better choice Samsung 840 Pro 256GB or an OCZ Vector 256GB. Prices are more or less the same about £175-£180 from Amazon. ATM i'm leaning towards the vector but i have seen a few posts about about the vector being unstable and a few more than normal DOA's :s so what are your thoughts guys ?
  14. just had a look at you channel+subbed; and well done to you sir , i lold, when it came to your ssd comparison video , "their fast ... crazy fast" :)
  15. Bitfenix cases are "ballin" as linus likes to put it and the ghost looks Kick ass !! I rotate between bitfenix and corsairs when it comes to cases , right now my rigs in a 600T. the one thing i would say is that bitfenix need to do a lil work on refinement, I had a bit of an issue with the side panel not lining up with the holes in for the screws on the back , nothing a bit of careful dremel work couldn't fix though :)