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  1. I posted with the iGPU first to check if anything on the Mobo was shot up (thankfully it was good) thank you for this recommendation!
  2. So I just got a MSI z390-a pro motherboard for my new PC build and it does not seem to be picking up any GPUs, my Pc won’t post and the motherboard flashes the VGA debug light, the GPU I plan to use with this build is a 2070, but I don’t have a 8 pin PCI-e connector for my PSU and I’m waiting for a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter to ship in, I tried plugging in my old 1050ti that has been functioning just fine into both the PCI-e slots to no avail, same debug LED flashes and the PC won’t boot. These are the specs I’m trying to boot the PC with. - i5 9600k - MSI Z390-A Pro - GTX 1050ti - 4 Gb Ballistix DDR4 2666 MHz (need to change Xmp settings for my new 16 GB 3000 MHz) - Some thermaltake 550W PSU - My really old Seagate 1TB HDD Any help with this situation would be heavily appreciated, good day to everyone reading. Re: Don’t cheap out on your PSU kids, when I pulled my old power supply out to replace it (still thinking it’s a 550W) it turned out to be a 430W Thermaltake power supply instead. Got a 650W Cooler master PSU in my system now and everything’s working smooth as butter.