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  1. Hi thank you for your response and sharing your experience. It helps me understand what could be happening. I hope this works fingers crossed lol
  2. CPU: R9 3900X COOLING: Z73 KRAKEN GPU: GTX 1060 6GB MOBO: X570 AORUS MASTER RAM: G.SKILL TRIDENT Z ROYAL 3600 16GB STORAGE: SEAGATE 520 PSU: FRACTAL ION 860 PLATINUM CASE: LAN COOL II Hello everyone I am currently building/ upgrading pc; however my pc recently won't turn on. I left it on, took a nap, woke up and computer was off. Thought it was sleeping, so I moved the mouse and everything but nothing. I tried turning it on using power button and still nothing. I thought someone was just loose and tried it all again and still nothing. I decided to remove the cmos battery and put it back in after 10 mins and it worked! great it's fixed, but i shutdown and in the morning it won't turn on again. The psu is on too, but the led on the mobo doesn't light up. I checked if things are plugged and they are. I decided to buy new 2032 and it seem to fix it for now, but when I turn off psu and try to turn on again the same problem occurs. I beginning to think this is a motherboard problem. I have the lan cool II case and the front lights do not turn on; however the led strip I have on the side does. I'm not sure what to think. I appreciate any feedback/ thoughts please and thank you.