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  1. I bought a corsair 360mm h150i rgb pro xt which I am going to mount in a push/pull configuration at the front of my case. The AIO itself comes with 3 M120 pro fans, and I have 3 LL120s on the front. My case came with a commander pro, which I am using for all the RGB and fan wiring. I have been told that you want to install the 3 fans that came with the AIO as well as the pump to the CPU fan header. Should I connect the 3 ML120s to the CPU fan header along with the pump, or should I plug the pump into the aio_pump header on my motherboard and the fans into my commander pro? My second question is how this will work with the GPU. Let's say that I am doing something very GPU intensive but not very CPU intensive. Let's say I plug the fans into the CPU fan header, does this mean that the 3 ML120s at the front of the case won't turn on with increasing GPU temperatures since they are for the CPU? Or if I connect the fans to the commander pro, how can I be sure that they will properly cool the CPU?