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  1. i wanna see my face when i dropped it the two inches it took to shatter lmao i was so mad, i vacuumed for an hour and im still finding glass
  2. honestly i had some shitty 2400 mhz ram from some random manufacturer, so i dont mind it anyways
  3. the sucky thing is i thought it was my old ram that was fried, so i purchased new corsair ram and it still happened, and today i managed to shatter my whole panel of tempered glass
  4. i was thinking that too, i was wondering if the dual channel performance was worth it or not for rma-ing the board.
  5. i did that yesterday, i even tried my old cpu and it still happened.
  6. i had stick in 2 and 4, and it still wouldnt post, i have reseated the cpu, and this issues still happens, ive even switched cpu coolers to see if the mounting pressure was too much, but it wasnt.
  7. recently ive bought a gigabyte z390 gaming x motherboard, and i put all my parts into it, and it wouldnt boot. itll boot if ram is placed into the first and second slot, but it wont if placed in 3rd slot by its self, or 4th slot by itself. should i be worried about not getting the proformance of dual channel or is there any suggestions on what to do?