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  1. the sad part is, i've tried that as well. I reset my pc, however i picked the option that kept my files, not the option to uninstall everything.
  2. My cpu runs fine, My PC works great in other games like COD. This problem is exclusive to GTA 5
  3. done that, lowering graphics settings, as I said, lowers GPU usage in return, my FPS stays the same instead of going up.
  4. my performance is much worse, because GTA 5 is under utilizing my hardware, i'm barley getting 60fps at 1080p. I've tried running the game with my OC's off as well and nothing changed. I'm pretty sure it's software but I have absolutely no clue what it could be. I compared to a benchmark at the same resolution as me as I need at least some reference point to go off of, and this ain't the only benchmark i could find that didn't run into the same issues as me.
  5. I have a 2070 super OC’d, and 3700x with a slight OC and 16gb 3600 cl16 memory. And while I play GTA 5 my GPU sits at 50-60% utilization most of the time and the highest it will ever go is in the mid 70% to very low 80%. My CPU sits in the mid 20% for utilization so it’s definitely not a bottleneck there. I’ve tried reinstalling GPU drivers, updating drivers, rolling back drivers, reinstalling the game, reverting back to an older version of Windows, optimizing NVIDIA control panel, changing Windows Power Plans and absolutely no progress. Temps are cool as well. I looked at online benchmarks of people with the same specs and their gpu usage is stable in the high 90s as it should be, and worst of all they get more fps, while using higher graphics settings than me. What the actual fuck is going on? The game is almost unplayable at parts dropping to the low 40s FPS. I tried lowering my graphics settings but my GPU usage lowers in return, resulting In my FPS not changing at all. My game is installed on an SSD as well so it’s not Bogged down by that as well. I'm at my wit’s end right now.