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    Big Browth


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    Ryzen 3900x
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    Asus strix b450-F (for respects)
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    32gb Trident Z royale
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    980 ti
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    something from nzxt
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    Inland 1tb nvme, 2tb hard drive
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    windows 10 pro

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  1. alright Ill try that soon. Thanks for literally all the help you've been so great!!!
  2. Alright good news and bad news. It's back to suttering every now and then when going backwards in drivers. But it still happens. I can live with this but I think my gpu might be bad.
  3. yup they're on it. And i'll try that gpu ddu thing
  4. 2x16gb and it is running at 3200mhz CPU is average 60-70 temps at load same with gpu the CPU is also OC'ed I think? it use to be 3.7ghz before I made the ram mhz go from 2666mhz to 3200mhz all storage is pretty open with over half storage unusued so you can see why I'm pretty confused. I had nvidia driver 451.65 at first and this was happening but then they came out with a hotfix 451.85 and they specifically said there that the addressed the issue I was having. I've added a screenshot of it here. It did help but slightly.
  5. CPU: Ryzen 3900x RAM: Trident Z Royale 3200mhz Motherboard: Asus strix b-450 F GPU: 980ti msi PSU: 850W Thermaltake TPG - 80 PLUS Gold SSD: Inland NVME 1TB HDD: 2TB western digital It happened a little while after the upgrade. A Nvidia driver update came out and it just happened once or twice now and then but then it slowly descended into multiple spikes 2-3 minutes. Thank you for all your help so far btw!!
  6. Alright finished checking that. Did not work mate.
  7. Alrriigghttyyyyy that'll take a day or two lol. I'll get back to you soon though!
  8. Uhh the factory restore thing. From the recovery settings.
  9. Came up with this? It is as you said.
  10. Okay I finished up the test, It's more or less the same. I've also noticed similar spiking in another area called BUS usage, may or may not help out with the explanation here. (First image is the gpu usage and second image is BUS usage.)
  11. Alright I've cleaned installed the GPU drivers again, I'll go test it.
  12. I've done a fresh windows install about 3 times now. Might be 4 I lost count, I apologize.
  13. Lately, my GPU has been acting up lately and performs extremely abnormally for what it was suppose to. For reference, I've had this graphics card since 2016 and it was all okay till recently. After a hardware upgrade and couple software updates later, it starts to stutter and drop in frames every 2-3 minutes. The spiking is bad enough already but I had tried to look past it because after upgrading my motherboard, ram, and CPU, I wasn't trying to spend more since I was perfectly fine with my cooling solution and graphics card. The spiking progressively got worse where it would take a bit to come back to it's full utilization. What I mean by this is for example, in cs:go I can have frames going in the range of 300-390 but then suddenly drop to 2 then stay between 15-25, to 30, back to the full 300 frames. This isn't just with games as well, it's over my entire system. Simply moving a window or my cursor around will freeze for a couple seconds and then slingshot across the screen. I've recorded what happens in an MSI afterburner graph while I was running cs:go for reference. I'm also running the latest BIOS update on my motherboard and nvidia drvier update 451.85. Thanks to anyone that tries to help!!!