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  1. i appreciate everyone's engagement on my thread. I was hoping to get more positive stories from people that have followed a similar path. Unfortunately i got more unkind messages than positive ones but i guess that just says a lot about the tech community as a whole, I was involved on the mobile side of computing for 8 years and it isn't any different on that side. But for every turd there is a decent person out there. Thanks again for the replies!
  2. I've seen other people using high end chip set engineering samples to save some cash while getting the top of the line goodness. Where do you typically find reliable samples? Ebay?
  3. First of all i really appreciate what you said in the first section. I legitimately don't understand why people go out of their way to comment things that are unconstructive and doesn't add anything to the conversation. It is what it is. Second, that seems like a pretty good idea, im sure you saved a small fortune by going that route. Were you able to get the speeds you were hoping for out of the setup?
  4. lol i do have a wheel thingy. That's another good story as far as i'm concerned. I found a used Thrustmaster T150 for 100 bucks about an hour away from me. So i snagged that, the stock pedals that come with it are a dumpster fire, so i upgraded to the T3PA pedals, again used, this time it was 5 hours away but even with shipping i only paid 85 bucks. Which i then did a brake pedal mod on to improve braking resolution. Super happy with it for now. Eventually i will want to upgrade. But it's excellent to get started and to plant your roots.
  5. I ended up getting a 34inch ultrawide curved from LG. It's 21x9 so its not as extreme as the samsung odyssey or anything like that but it's definitely a huge improvement from my older standard single i was using. I was looking at the Samsung at Best Buy, i just cant stomach 1100 bucks for a monitor right now with the world being the way it is. But, i think that's definitely the way i will go. It's freaking amazing how immersive it is, i couldn't believe what i was looking at. With something like that you can basically achieve the same fov as triples without the hassle of setting it up. Seems like the way to go.
  6. Hey man i'm sorry i'm not sure what you're asking, it isn't a "mining" card. It's the Zotac GTX 1060 Mini 6 GB. It's called a mini because of the smaller form factor. Mines the single 90 mm variant. I just installed it into my rig, downloaded the Nvidia drivers and i was done. Did that clarify anything for you?
  7. Love it man! Looks great! I'll add a better photo of mine tomorrow sometime and thank you!
  8. Just to clarify, i didn't mean that these parts are the best parts, or that i did something better than someone else. It was just an example of whats out there and i to be honest i'm proud of it considering i legit didn't know how to install a cpu 45 days ago. That's all man Also it does have uefi and your comment about used dells is not accurate. They are everywhere, i even saw one for 15 bucks at one point with an older socket
  9. Quick backstory; long time tech enthusiast, but never really migrated into the pc space until early this year. Got into racing sims on the ps4, needed something more. Wanted to get into Iracing. I wanted to get a good-great 1080p experience. Without knowing if iracing was going to be what i was hoping it would be, I made the decision to not invest a lot of money. I set my sights on a 300 dollar budget. This is what i did, and imho it's the best and most cost effective way for someone with a budget and who is willing to look on the used market to come out ahead something decent. You don't need the newest shiniest bit of kit to have a great experience . I found a used Dell Optiplex 7020 , 40 bucks. It happened to have a q87 mobo with an LGA1150 socket. Got a used 4670k for 60 bucks, a used gtx 1060 mini 6gb for 110, threw in a 240 gig ssd that i had from an old project, and a HD, 16 gigs of ddr3 that i got from crucial for 70 bucks and i was off to the races. Literally, On iracing specifically running all settings on high using a ultrawide 32 inch @ 2560 x 1080 monitor I am getting anywhere between 95-125 fps during a live, filled up race. Alone on track i can get around 150 fps and up. I have less than 300 bucks invested and i couldn't be happier, i had a friend fab me a side panel and i wired in some rgb and its more than enough for me. I just wanted to put this out there because i feel like so many people, including myself initially get swept up in what is the newest, fastest, better than last years thing. When i think it's fair to say the majority of people just want to have a good experience with the game they want to play. Obviously this isn't everyone. I know there are people with a way bigger budget, people that want a system they can show off. But in a weird way i'm just as proud of this as i would be a top tier set up. This was my first build and i made mistakes and struggled at times. But it does exactly what i set out to accomplish. TLDR; I'm cheap but i'm having fun
  10. I literally have nothing to say but thank you. That was more than i could have possibly hoped for, thank you so much.
  11. Hi all, I will try to keep it short. I have a gtx 1060 6gb and a 4670k. I have been told i can't run trips and have any hope of a decent experience with my current hardware. Here's the thing though. I don't NEED triples. I actually kind of prefer having one screen to deal with. Does having one nice ultrawide require 1/3 of the gpu load? So here is the question. If i invest in a nice ultrawide what is everyones opinion on that experience vs set of mid grade triples. Can i get a similar experience (fov, immersion,etc) or should i just reside to using a normal monitor and continue enjoying my experience on that. A whole system upgrade is just out of the question for me. Thanks in advance for your help. TLDR; can an ultrawide provide just as good of an experience as triples in Iracing (sim racing)?
  12. Hey man, first of all thank you so much for all your input. You obviously know your stuff. Let me run this by you though. I am running 32 gb of ddr3 ram. So i have been playing Iracing for about 1 month now. Iracing will legit run on a potato. I got it running on low settings on a Thinkpad with a dual core i5 and onboard intel graphics. It's kind of known within the community that the "minimum specs" are a joke. With that being said, on a single 1080 screen with all settings maxed out i am getting 120-150 fps at any given time during a live race. Any idea if that makes a difference in your answer, or does it remain the same? Lastly, what do you think about a single high quality ultrawide (similar FOV way less work on the gpu) it seems to be catching on within the sim community, obviously everyone has a preference. Thanks again.