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  1. Not sure what role the country plays, but I'm living in the EU. Budget is more like "as expensive as necessary". I'm not really looking to pay much more than the G910/K95 prices are. Switch type is not super important to me - probably linear switches, and not too loud... Thanks.
  2. I am the owner of a Logitech G910 and have come to like the individual key-rgb feature. Unfortunately it was a waste of money, as their "Romer-G" switches start to generate double-presses after only a year of light use. Some light googling shows that this is now a known problem and Logitech doesn't care about it. Writing any text on it is a exercise in frustration. So I'm in the market for a replacement. I'm thinking about the Corsair K95 Platinum right now. It has Cherry switches which should not have any problems. The MX Speed switches would be my choice, simply because they're supposedly a little less loud. Do you think that's a good choice? Are there any known problems with this keyboard? Are there any alternatives I should look at?