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  1. I really can not get a high end on only in the 125 dollar range and the Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator says it would protect against brownouts and over voltages so I though would be good, do you think it would work in my case?
  2. Well first of all it’s only 15% after the first year, second of all for some company’s the 15% is managers while for others it’s not, I say this as an Apple developer, I also agree with Apple, also there some great YouTube videos on this topic.
  3. I am wondering if I should fully invest in a ups just get a Acp Line-R 1200VA Automatic Voltage Regulator? I am building a high end gaming pc but all the ups’s are really expensive and I would rather invest in my gpu or such. Also what is the difference between a high-end ups and a cheaper one , one from cyber power and one from apc both Iine interactive I think.
  4. I am building a new gaming pc and would like to know if a dark rock pro 4 would be able to cool a core i9-10900k, I would like to do some overclocking if possible, room temps around 24c and relly good case airflow?
  5. Thanks I will get a better psu and Swap the hdd with a ssd but isn’t 32 gb ram overkill for ram?
  6. Oh I just wanted top of the line, state of the art, you know I was saving up of a while... lol.
  7. Could you put a ups on the floor and it is loud, that is the limiting factors as I have limited desk space and I am very noise foucused?