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  1. Periodically my sisters volume on her Xbox cuts out, we have tried new cables every thing we can think of, help?
  2. I’m looking for some quite rgb 140 mm fans for a 280 mm rad, I would go Corsair or thermaltake but I want them to be motherboard controlled so 3 pin 5v, anyone know of any good ones?
  3. Will the deep cool castle 240x work with the kraken g12? I like the looks of the cooler and it should perform well.
  4. I want to cool my gpu with a g12 from nzxt but nzxts aios are expensive and I was looking at cooler masters but did not know if they were compatible.
  5. How well will a 240 mm NZXT aio cool a 2070 super 8gb? The stock cooler is very loud it’s a pny dual fan. And it gets up too 80 degrees no oc 85 oc
  6. I want to get the lancool 2 mesh, does it have room for a 280 at the top and a 360 in the front? I am currently in the h510 and airflow is lacking, and I want to be able to fit a 360 aio for my gpu as I have a 280 for my cpu which works well,