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  1. Hi, Yes I've gone over all components as put in the post!
  2. Hi guys, Big fan of Linus so thought I'd try the community out. I am running out of ideas on an issue that I've had for about a week now. To explain here is what I've upgraded and the paths: Original system specs: i7-8700k MSI z370 Gaming Pro Carbon Ballistics DDR4 3600mhz RGB RAM 16gb (8gb x2) Noctua NH-D14 ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080Ti OCZ StealthXStream 700w PSU Kingston SSD 120GB - OS Install, 2 other SSD's in the System, and 2 standard HD's I then purchased: Coolermaster ML360R RGB AIO Samsung M2 NVME 970 EVO 1tb Corsair RM850 PSU I installed the Cooler at first, since I also got a new case. I then ran everything just fine on my Win10 install on the Kingston drive that was working. I ran this for about a month. Left my usual "light" overclock at 4.7ghz all cores, with Auto-Voltage, and XMP profile enabled. After a week or so, I had time to install the M2 Drive, and the PSU. The Kingston SSD was quite old (circa 2012), so I put Win10 on the M2 drive, correctly installed the M2 Frozr Shield from MSI, and installed the new PSU. I then installed Windows 10 Pro (1903) from the MS site, and have updated it to 2004 now. The issue I am experiencing is so incredibly frustrating as it is quite random. I am getting a freeze or lockup, which lasts around 2-5 seconds, along with Audio buzz during that time. It then goes back to normal. The only thing that seems disrupted by this is sometimes Discord, where I lose sound after the freeze and have to leave/rejoin discord voice to get sound back there. Obviously in gaming this is extremely frustrating, but it even happened once whilst just watching YouTube. It usually happens with quite big gaps inbetween, I would say the average is every 2hours~. It so far hasn't happened back-to-back in quick succession. Here is the steps I've tried: Re-installed drivers - Chipset/Realtek Audio/Nvidia (also tried older nvidia drivers) Run CPU stress test for several hours - Peak temp was around 90 degrees after this Run Furmark stress test several times - GPU maxed at 72 degrees Run memtest for 12 hours over night, woke up to 0 errors, still running Tried to temporarily take out the extra SSDs in my system Monitored the M2 temperatures for a whole day, peaked around 75 degrees Ran OCCT full stress test where it pumps CPU & GPU up to 100% usage I'm kind of out of ideas; obviously all signs point to either the M2 being the issue, or the PSU? But is this even possible? I cannot seem to replicate the freezes either and can't force them to happen. I am wondering if a faulty PSU which is occasionally dropping voltages or something similar. The other thing to note is that my cables were a bit wedged on the back panel (sata cables, fan cables mostly), for cable management purposes. I did open up my case though and let everything have room to breathe/move, and still got the freeze with both panels taken off. I've also gone over all cables and made sure they are connected. The only oddity in my case, is that the RGB wire from the AIO that needs to plug into the coolermaster bridge-box, I do run it under my GPU, it is a little bit tense but still moves freely. Any ideas for anything to try anyone?