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  1. I have thought about going superwide but my vision is fairly tunneled and I would probably feel fatigued trying to use the whole of the screen thus not making much use of it which would be a waste.
  2. Current setup: 1920x1080 144hz asus monitor + dell 2560x1440 IPS monitor running on a 780ti + 3770k. I would really like a 2k(or higher res) IPS monitor with a high refresh rate for gaming,but is there any justification for dumping £750 into this new monitor from asus, or should I get the cheaper freesync version for £470? will I regret not getting the gsync version in future?
  3. Update: My X2's arrived yesterday and i've been listening to music non-stop, they're a joy to listen too, i even managed to stick a modmic onto it with perfect positioning. The sound staging sounded a bit weird at first but otherwise they're fantastic, thanks for the help and recommendations.
  4. They do look tempting, been reading reviews and such for the past couple of hours and my only concerns are whether or not they would be comfy with my big head and ears, and a slight concern over it possibly being too bassy although after listening to the dt880's i'd probably live with it. I will do some research into the sennheisers tomorrow. Thank you again for your help.
  5. Well my DT880's were manufakturs and they cost about £220 in total, so around that price bracket, maybe willing to stretch a bit more.
  6. I've decided to return my DT880's after listening to them for a few hours for this reason. This was a learning experience for me and i thank you all for contributing, but now i'm going to have to find a new pair of headphones, i may look at a higher end pair of sennheisers or a pair of AKG's. Recommendations would be appreciated.
  7. I will try, but theres a lack of audio shops where i live, will probably have to go over to the next town.
  8. I may send them back or just get use to them, they sound very nice but i am dissapointed. I did do a fair bit of research between the DT880's and DT990's and was afraid of the DT990's bass being too over bearing, i'm not asking for much for bass, just a bit of oomph like i got from my PC360's.
  9. Well my old headset was a PC363D (PC360's) and im finding it hard to believe that the DT880's wouldn't have a smiliar amount of bass, if not more, but they have been fairly sharp, the only example i can really explain well is when playing CSGO, when i pull out a standard knife, it is an incredibly sharp sound and hurt my ears. If i use the song below as an example the vocals are there, but the bass almost feels non existent.
  10. Hi, I recently purchased a pair of DT880's 600ohms and am currently using a Fiio E18 to power them. Obviously not supposed to be using an E18 to power them but if i have the bass switch off i barely get any bass out of my DT880's and was wondering how much would change if i got a proper amp/dac solution (currently looking at dac+amp solution from mayflower electronics). Does anyone here have an E18 and a mayflower amp+dac combo who could share their experience with me? (long shot I know) or should i just accept the fact the DT880's are just not bassy and should get an amp and some form of digital solution for my bass issues?
  11. z2 is awesome and dbrand has good art.
  12. i like the fact linus touched it.....*breathing heavily intensifies*
  13. I'd like this phone because i've fallen in love with everything about it since i first saw it.