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  1. Wait for AMD reviews before purchasing, personally think they can really compete in the mid-high end market
  2. 100% wait, performance per dollar will certainly be doubled when comparing these two cards
  3. Yeah, it's not a traditional blower card, it's more like a hybrid style.. Nonetheless substantial amount of heat is exhausted at the I/O side, Jay also recommended FE over other AIB version for SFF build in his latest video.
  4. I'm going to build a small form factor build early 2021, so a blower style card like RTX 3080 FE will be much preferable. Anyone knows how many batch of FE cards usually Nvidia would produce given their past record? Thanks!
  5. I'm struggling between buying a RTX2070 Super laptop and waiting for next gen graphic laptop. I know, Nvidia haven't even officially reveal RTX3000 cards (or some expect RTX2100).. But do we have any expectation in how long would it takes to release mobile version graphic card from past data? Thanks guys