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  1. something like voltage offset for cpu i dont exactly remember i set it to + and increased the default values by a small amount
  2. can i attach multiple monitors to my AMD Ryzen 3 3200g I am using its inbuilt IGPU Motherboard has 1 HDMI and one DVI-D port can I attach one monitor to each and get a dual screen setup?
  3. i tried afterburner but all sliders are locked IDK what to do anyways its fps monitoring tool is awesome
  4. ok , coming from a 5 year old budget laptop i have never played in its bios a lot as is was a locked i3 so the whole OCing is a bit new to me but anyway thanks for your reply i did manage to overclock my ram by a few hundred mhz cpu oc is not stable .. i found some sliders and raised the values a lil bit but i got a bluescreen so i reset to my earlier settings
  5. recently prices in india have sky rocketed so thats why i had to go with this and on top of that most good psu,s were out or stock anyways
  6. i think ill first do some more research and then play around in the bios as i dont want to break something
  7. oops it is thermaltake ill quickly edit my post
  8. oh i looked up and found out that rx 580 is a little more power hungry so i might stick with nvidia for now (even though amd is a better value ) as for power my colony has good and stable supply as far as i know
  9. yup it will be my first upgrade as this hdd sometimes starts to chug
  10. i was thinking RX 580 or GTX 1660 but it may change with my budget