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  1. okay so i cannot find any help no matter how hard i look on this so i would appreciate any help! i tried to make this look pleasing to read okay so essentially i downloaded a lot of steam games onto one windows 10 pc and i want to play them on another windows 10 pc through ethernet. -i would like to be able to play my steam games that are downloaded on pc 1, on pc2. -i do not want to do steam link, nor do i want pc1 to be the pc that is actually running the game. -i want pc 2 to be running the games entirely on its own, but using the hard-drive from pc 1. -i use windows sharing, share the files from pc1 and execute them on pc2. -it works with my games that are not downloaded from steam, such as doom and doom eternal. however, when trying to load up a steam game nothing happens, nothing even shows up in task manager. what i would like to ask is if anyone here knows if it is possible to play my steam games off of another windows 10 pc, using file sharing, and without steam link or turning my pc into a dedicated nas server? thank you