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  1. I built an gaming rig on a msi 760 mobo,16 gb Kingston ddr 3, ram amd fx 8 core 6800. I low on cash and need a diecnte gpu i have try ebay, Amazon, AliExpress, Newegg, with no luck.Can someone please help a fellow gamer out. Thank u for u time. Ps. I have no monitor I'm using a TV at the moment and this is the case I'm using lol it hurts.
  2. So I bought one of those cheap Chinese 4GB graphic cards says it's an AMD Raiden 7670 cant get drivers to install properly for it I would use my Tesla k80 but I can't get that to work either can someone please shed some light on the situation I'm running a MSI 970 gaming board 16GB ram. i can get Windows 10 she display a generic display i even gone as far as putting it into test mode and manually installing the drivers from the CD that came with the card with a error code 39 drivers are corrupt or tampered with which leaves me clueless because I have it in test mode it should load up just fine
  3. I was wondering if I had to do anything special besides downloading drivers if there are drivers for this card. appreciate came out of a server. Please help ?