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  1. Currently using windows 10 on a wd black sn750 ssd and an asrock b450 gaming k4. The bios wont show any windows boot managers, meaning I cant use fast boot. Windows system and recovery partitions are ok. Have cleared cmos and stuff. When i enable fast boot, it just goes to bios. When its disabled, it just is selected to boot from the boot drive but there is no windows boot manager. This means I can boot, but the bios cant connect to windows.
  2. Oman395

    Dual monitor

    I have two monitors, 24" and 27", both 1080p. In windows, they appear the same size but IRL the 24" is smaller, making a noticeable movement as I move the mouse. By down scaling the resolution on the 24" one, I can get a decent effect, but it looks bad.