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  1. Hey there, so lately there is this problem that made my life so frustrating, my PC restarts during load (usually multi tab browsing) when ram usage is above 50% i tested the CPU , GPU and PSU everything was fine when i try memtest , the pc always restarts around test 4 (no errors tho) the problem seems to disappear after physically reinstalling the ram and then entering bios to choose (save and exit) but the problem always comes back after 4 hours or so today when it happened i didn't touch the ram just went to bios and hit the (save and exit) option tested with memtest and opened multible tabs everything was fine until 6 hours later when it happened again and i had to enter bios once more do i need another motherboard or there is a way to solve it? the RAM slots and RAMs themselves are working fine as i mentioned after going into bios and pressing save Things i tried : using only 1 ram in 1 slot at a time (tried both rams ane both slots problem happens during above 50% ram usage even if i use 1 ram) taking out the battery for 10 mins and placing it back again cleaning ram slots and ram from dust pc specs: Processor : core i5 3470 GPU : AMD Radeon 3450 HD MB : lenovo think center m72e storage : sata ssd crucial 240 gb Ram : Samsung ddr3 4gb Kingston ddr3 4gb PSU : Jumbo (local PSU brand) 600 W Thank you!