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    Phenom II X6 1090T
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    16GB DDR3
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    HD 5750
  1. So I've got this problem when I'm trying to record on OBS where the audio from my mic is delayed at the beginning of the recording but sometime maybe 5-10 mins into the recording it fixes itself? I'm not even sure why additionally my delay is like 7.5s on premier pro and I feel thats ridiculously long, I'm just using the mic on a Razer Kraken. Please help.
  2. Thank you for the explanation it was very helpful, when I dropped it to faster I started to overload the encoder but I did manage to boost the bit rate, I’m testing out vbr aswell atm I shall update if it’s better.
  3. Sorry, to explain I record at 3840x1080 so that i can have the raw footage of both webcam and screen at 1920x1080. When editing I crop out half and just shrink down my webcam into the corner, however since I have the full res footage I can animate and add effects to the webcam. i have tried the 4000kbps and it worked well so thank you v much!
  4. I have tried to wiggle around with it, it’s mainly, if there’s alternatives to the 3840x1080 for my webcam and to understand what the difference between cbr/vbr and things like that
  5. Side not if possible I would like to be able to have my webcam seperate, I know you can set the resolution to 3840x1080 and just have them side by side but I dunno if my PC can handle that, I currently just have hotkeys to switch between the scenes of full face and gameplay
  6. So I've been trying to figure out how to get the most out of OBS with the current specs of my PC, I only record for Youtube and I have no need to stream any time soon, I mainly record console gameplay through a capture card or things like minecraft which arent the most intensive games. My specs are: Phenom II X6 1090T Radeon HD 5750 16GB DDR3 (supposedly at 669.6MHz) At the moment I'm running x264 at veryfast with CBR 2500Kbps, and tbh I have no idea what that means
  7. Okay that was really helpful thank you!
  8. So is it more like a compatibility problem with OBS? If I’m not wrong navi cards are like the 5000 series, they’re a little out of budget for what I’m doing though.
  9. oooh 4K.... one can only dream of that right now, tbh I need to get a lot of things for my setup cause at the moment i have 1080p 60Hz monitors but ill worry about that after I have the PC itself sorted, thanks for the heads up though
  10. The capture card is for when I play on console, and I'll keep it on my mind when i finally go to buy the parts
  11. I have an SSD and 2 HDD that im just gonna move over from my current PC so that saves me a lil money, yay
  12. I was looking at a RX 590 but I seen AMF or VCE or whatever is called is trash, bit sad considering there were some good deals on for it
  13. So we thinking a 3600 and i'll just OC it myself with a 1660ti or super