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  1. I'm super new to memory overclocking, i went to the bios and saw a LOT of settings related to memory, could you point me towards a guide I can use? What i did was select a 3200 samsung stick from the memory test drop-down selection. There were 3 options Samsung, micron, and I can't remember the third. and it seems to be stable now.
  2. These sticks are brand new, just bought em. Do you really think it could be a ram issue?
  3. First time trying to use the xmp profile on a msi z170a gaming m5 I'm getting this weird artifacting upon enabling it, any guidance would be appreciated. Here's a video of the bios and what's happening https://streamable.com/4ov2dt I was told just enabling XMP should allow my ram to run at the advertised speeds, is there some other tweaking I need to do? I do not have my GPU in, just the cpu and the ram if that matters