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    Primavera do Leste, Mato Grosso, Brazil
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    Dorifuto, Overwatch, Rocket League and (obviously PC stuff)
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    I got in contact with technology throught my father, he used to have a Repair Shop for Electronics in general, and when i was 9 i built my first PC to play CS 1.6! Then i kept going and started helping my father in order to get new PC parts (result: with 10 years i knew how to solder and how to fix TVs, Sound Systems, Microwaves and stuff like that) and nowadays I got my own company for Programming and Computer building/fixing!
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    IT Manager at a Judicial District


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    Core i7 4770 (non-K :C )
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    Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3
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    16GB Kingston RAM
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    XFX RX480 GTR 8GB
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    In-Progress Silverstone TJ-07
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    2x 120GB Kingston V400 + 2x 2TB WD Green + 2x WD Black 1TB
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    Custom Sleeved XFX PRO 850W xxx Series
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    1x Alienware AW2518HF + 2x AOC e2243FwK + 1 Flatron W1952TQ
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    Custom loop
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    Logitech G710+
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    Logitech G403 Prodigy
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    Sony SHP9500s/Sony CMT-CP11
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    Windows 10
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  1. Ok... it's really slow... It's on a Celeron E5400 with 4GB or DDR2 RAM, is it expected to be this slow? Edit: The background animation was killing my CPU, disabled it and now it's buttery smooth!
  2. Awesome this is perfect! Thank you for giving me some direction, I was trying to figure out mame for windows and this seems much more straight forward!
  3. I know it's a hazzard, already got a small SFX power supply to replace it with, it sat in a barber shop for the past 4 or 5 years without working and I just asked if I could try to fix it and they gave the ok... I already replaced the speakers and some wiring and I'm pretty sure the hardware is working, I have a 120GB SSD on my laptop but I could use to replace the IDE drive, I also have an 80GB SATA drive from an ancient PC I just got from a client.
  4. Also how the hell do I use LPT for control? I got the cabinet here but it's using an LPT port for the buttons, does it need any special software/configuration or is it going to map normally? It used to work flawlessly until the games stopped opening up. Here's a look at the hardware it's running.
  5. That seems perfect, thank you! Would you happen to know if it is it able to manage neogeo and snes games at the same time?
  6. Is there any operational system that just boots to the emulator directly? I'm Trying to build an arcade machine but I'd like to skip the "Managing the emulator with a keyboard and or mouse" part of windows or at least be able to ignore it completely but so far I'm struggling. I've been trying to make MAME work but I'm just getting frustrated and not really being able to figure it out, I'm trying to use attract mode but I can't seem to figure it out, I've checked out Linus' build of an arcade machine and Level 1 Tech's too and neither really have a "how to". And I can't find a comprehensive for a newbie on this subject. I'm not even sure this is the correct subforum for this, but I thought this would be the place to find some help overall. I'm installing PuppyArcade on a thumb drive and seeing if I'm more succesful with it, hopefully I can emulate neogeo and snes games there!
  7. I don't know how the T7400 will take the mod, Dell motherboards are not really "happy" to overclock, But if your mobo can take the 400mhz, then yes, it's basically taping the "1" on row H and celebrating, it's a base clock overclock, so maybe PCI-e and RAM won't like it so much, but it's worth a shot!
  8. Found something similar to what I was looking for, but unfortunately didn't find my model specifically: http://www.tftcentral.co.uk/articles/icc_profiles.htm#the_database This site has kind of a profile database, the "ICC Profile" did the trick to find it! I'll test a few ICC profiles I've found, and try to tinker with it a bit. And as I imagined, I already expected the "whatever feels good" kind of answer but thanks for the input anyway Edit: Also AOC has an ICC on their download page, not available on the portuguese website for some reason, but aocmonitorap.com had it easil available.
  9. The title of the post sums it up pretty well, I'd love to see how my AOC E2243Fwk looks after being at least properly calibrated; and basically what would be the ideal settings and profile for my monitor to be as close to ideal as possible. I don't have any hardware to calibrate it and when I went on looking for it, found out it was definitely out of my budget (especially since I don't work with color sensitive stuff and could buy a new monitor for the price of a decent calibrator). So... I have no idea of what would be a properly calibrated screen (I also obviously don't have access to a monitor/TV wich has known well calibrated settings, I have an LG TV here wich obviously has colors oversaturated, backlight too strong and the sharpness way too high for computer use; but that's about as much as I can tell of what's wrong or right.) Does anyone know of anywhere I can find some data for kind of "just copy these settings and it should be good enough" so I don't have to rely on my guesstimations too much? I'm sure someone is going to say "just adjust it to your taste" but i'd prefer having a "default" of what it should be like and then adjust from that, so I at least know if I'm changing anything out of the "default" parameters. Also... I don't know pretty much anything about color accuracy, screen calibration or anything like that, so I could be completely off the ball park here; but hey, that's why i'm asking you guys for help, right? TL;DR: I don't have hardware to calibrate my screen and no idea how to do it properly. Where can I find a "just copy this" profile for dummies™ for my screen? And some stuff that might be relevant to someone? I use my screens to watch some youtube/netflix/cartoon/anime, play overwatch and assetto corsa (that's why 3) and to see if the hardware I fix is working properly, so it's not like I need a perfectly calibrated screen to do my job (I just fix mostly hardware stuff, so if all colors are completely wrong, wouldn't make a difference) but it's nice having better color calibration on something I literally spend at least 60% of my awake time. I don't really have plans of changing my screens any time soon since I don't really have any spare money for it, and at least according to displaylag.com's database this monitor is still considered an excellent display on the response time department (12ms); after "debezelling" and overclocking them to 75hz, I can't really find a monitor on the 22" category that really makes me want to upgrade. No 120hz monitors on that list with an equivalent response time, and the ViewSonic VX2257 (the only Freesync option on the list) is not sold here in Brazil. I literally have no room for anything much larger than 22" (maybe I can fit a 23/24" with a very thin bezel and a bit of luck). At some point I do plan on grabbing a 120hz screen with adaptive sync and all; but for now these screens are going to stay where they are. Getting these monitors on the wall was a whole show on its own... I had to MacGyver so much stuff here to make these screens work on the wall mount and still have space under them on the table, these screens are not wall-mount friendly at all! The stand is fixed pretty much fixed in place, and the input/power of the screen is located on the back of the base itself, the screen has a flat cable that goes from the base to it, the energy is delivered through a brick, and oh god I had to drill the back of the monitor's case and pray it would be able to hold the all wheight after sanding the bezels to make them a bit finner. I kind of grew attached to them after going through all this trouble to make them work on this space.
  10. Aaaaand the connector didn't fit, the screen just arrived, the connectors are both 30-pin, but mine is kind of a slim connector, while the IPS screen is a larger connector... Time to return it!
  11. You are aware that AMD owned ATI for a little while even before that card was released, right? That card was released in 2010, and AMD bought ATI in 2006.
  12. Sources OC3D: http://www.overclock3d.net/news/gpu_displays/nvidia_s_ansel_post-fx_solution_was_allegedly_stolen_from_modders/1 Marty McFly Modding is known for his contribution to aesthetics mods for the GTA Series of games, such as ENBseries mods, it has made GTA IV and San Andreas look completely different, not to mention other games that other modders have made similar visual upgrades (with proper credit) using his code as a base. He has developed code for various effects to be added in games, and nvidia apparently borrowed a bunch of code, without asking, nor giving credit, as he says himself. The thing is especifically about the MasterEffect There are a lot of variables and code matching his previous work, wich is under Intelectual Property Licenses. Even the comments on the code are the same, he recodnized his own code. You can also check the similarities for yourself. Under the folder "C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\ShaderMod\" and try to find variable names in ReShade.fx of MasterEffect. Nvidia hasn't responded to this yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Update: Marty McFly Modding updated the post and said it all was sorted. The code will be changed and he will be credited. Not sure why it has been sweeped under the rug, still not that nice of a move from Nvidia. Marty McFly Modding Facebook's page post about it:
  13. Worst case scenario, I'll be paying a few bucks to ship it back. MercadoLivre takes returns very nicely!