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  1. Okay cool thanks, I'll probably still order the splitter on their site. But I read online that it may not be enough power to for all the 6 fans to light up. Is that possible?
  2. Hi I've just ordered an EK-AIO Cooler and will have a total of 6 EK fans in my case, and I wanted to know what is the best way to sync all the 6 fans together. They sell a 6-way splitter but I would have to do a new order and shipping is incredibly expensive on their website even for a small item like that, and I can't find any other one online. So can I just use any regular argb controller from any other company like corsair or cooler master or do I need the specific one from EK. My motherboard is a Asus x570 tuf gaming-plus wifi and there is only one 5v argb header. Thanks in advance