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  1. Not the case; the router is literally 10cm away from the laptop, since I have to place it close due my LAN cable being 0.5m meters long. And no, I'm pretty sure I'm connecting to 5 Ghz, I checked. Yeah, wired connection is more reliable but WiFi should work just as fine, and I don't wanna having to connect the cable just to transfer a few files, I'd like to open the laptop somewhere on the desk and just grab them from my desktop. Hope somebody knows where could be the problem.
  2. Thank you. I updated both drivers which I believed could be the network cards on my desktop, both up to date. I updated both drivers on my laptop, and only one "Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller" was apparently out of date. I made a file transfer test at every change, and after updating this driver, it went to 80 MB/s (most of the time). Now, I also tried over WiFi this time, and, while there was a small improvement, the speed is still too low, just 15 MB/s, and the wireless driver is up to date. These are screenshots from the laptop: There is the wireless adapter, "Qualcomm Atheros" The speed I get after updating all drivers, and doing the things you recommended, setting "Speed & Duplex" to "1.0 Gbps Full Duplex" and all possible network adapters (both on the desktop and the Realtek on the laptop), and also disabled the "Large Send Offload v2 (IPv4)" on all possible network adapters. But, the wireless adapter doesn't have any of those options there, so I made no changes. Now, I went to the manufacturer's site and tried to look for the drivers. The computer came with Linux I believe, and I remember having trouble with the graphic drivers, I had to remove the updates and not update it never cause most games wont work (15 fps on Sekiro, others would just be a blank screen, etc.). So, maybe I need to uninstall the Wireless driver and install the first version available? But there are 2 options, and I'm not sure which one to use Or maybe I need to do something else to improve file transfering speed over WiFi, any ideas? EDIT: Also tried using right now a USB WiFi adapter with 450 Mbps, this one, also installed the latest drivers from the manufacturer's site and also tried to update with windows update, and it was up to date. Made a test and I got 12 MB/s. Is this normal for wireless file transfer or am I missing something? My router can transfer at 1300 Mbps. And yes, I made sure to use "WiFi 2" using the new adaptor, and disconnected with my integrated wireless adaptor. TL;DR: Integrated wireless adapter = 15 MB/s , USB WiFi = 12 MB/s
  3. Could they? Here they are: the 3M IBRA cat7 is the one connected to the computer, 8€ the 0.5M UGREEN cat7 is the one connected to the laptop 3€ I also used a Cat5e cable from my laptop to my router, same thing If one of the cable was a fake and it was a Cat5, sure, the speed would match, but if it was Cat5e, then it wouldn't. But, the same happens over wifi, there is no hardware to fake there. No, I haven never tried to set up an FTP, it was a bit confusing and I gave up. But do I need to? Shouldn't drag&drop on win10 just work fine at the speed the hardware allows?
  4. UPDATE: updated Laptop's network driver, speed went to 80 MB/s --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, I'm transfering files from my laptop to my desktop, but I can't seem to get a speed bigger than 10MB/s. I'm transfering a 1GB file and this is what it looks like: Transfer speed with cat7 LAN cables Transfer speed over WiFi Here is the setup: LAPTOP > LAN CABLE > ROUTER > LAN CABLE > DESKTOP Laptop: this one, Windows 10 Laptop SSD: I'll asume the read speed is over 400 MB/s Laptop Network card: Speed 1.0 Gbps (by going to "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections", right clicking Status on the Ethernet adapter, not sure if the correct place to look) Cable1: cat7 from laptop to router Router: Archer C7, Wireless Speed 1300 Mbps, Gigabit LAN ports Cable2: cat7 from router to desktop Desktop: Windows 10 Desktop Network Card: Speed 1.0 Gbps Desktop SSD: over 500MB/s write speed Where could be the problem that I'm getting only 5 or 10 MB/s (80 Mbps) where I should be getting a theoretical 125 MB/s (1 Gbps)? I have disconnected my laptop from any WiFi networks, so I'm sure it's using the LAN cable to connect to the router. My internet speed is 20 Mbps so I can't give you information about how is the download speed experience there for faster speeds. If you need more info ask me. Thanks for the help.