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  1. https://bigthink.com/technology-innovation/google-quantum-computer Here you are
  2. :o... Need to check old visa, before posting. Nice!
  3. Been randomly scrolling FB and seen this, what an alien tech here? Pic below.
  4. It could be psu problem? Haven't missed any connections? Is psu powerful enough?
  5. Ok, I'll try to get one of your recommended. Thank You a lot!
  6. Understood about zen 1.. Yes, correct. Well I recently tried, took of battery, waited for up to 5 min. 2600x not respond. Tried with different Ram, different slots, pointless. No response. Well, that was surprising. Like I said, this was second system tried to build. ¹st one worked straight away. Well, need to do refund and go with b350 or b450..
  7. Hello ladies and gents, I've totally lost hope, even Msi UK support was unable to give solution... So I came here with hope! Sooooo... Currently have an issue with "amazing" msi a320 mobo... Heh... I've chose this one for budget build, for my kid. Did research before start ordering everything and been surprised... At the beginning my plan was to drop in Ryzen 5 1600. That would be more than enough for CS:GO and other familiar stuff. But... It even haven't posted up. Tried that CPU on my main pc with x570, the same... Returned back CPU, and that guy dropped pictures with posting up in BIOS... What a.... ? So instead going back to him I found Ryzen 5 2600x for extra 20£. And it was new, unused! :O But again.... 2nd gen Ryzen 5 2600x unable to post up with this Msi mobo! MSI says in official web, that this mobo capable with 1,2,3rd gen. "Supports 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™" Well... It Didn't worked. Contacted Msi for help, they gave tips to update BIOS, switch ram slots, use different ram... Did Everything what they said and still no results. Originally I builded Asus x570 prime, R7 3700x, 16gb Corsair vengeance 3200Mhz, rtx 2070. I used my r7 to update BIOS and so on, everything worked perfectly with r7, because on box they say: Ryzen 3000 ready! ... had no issues with post up and so on... So... I tried 1x16gb stick of ram with 3200mhz, 2x8gb 3000mhz vengeance Then I bought 2x Crucial Ballistix 2x8gb 2666Mhz just to test... still no post up. BTW, on Asus x570 everything worked perfectly... CPU posted up, worked with every Ram I put in. Maybe someone has any ideas why this happened? Why Ryzen 5 2600x unable to post up BIOS with MSI a320m pro Max, while R7 3700x does it from very 1st shoot in couple seconds? P.S. plan Z to send mobo back and refund is plan Z. would like to try to solve this issue. so any help would be great.