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  1. Hi there, can someone explain me what these below options on BIOS exactly do? Global C-state Control Power Supply Idle Control CPPC CPPC Preferred Cores PPC Adjustment PBO I'm using ryzen 3100 and I want to my system stable as possible and reduce the temperature but I don't want to break anything. I think all of my cpu cores are active on idle by default. My idle temp is bit high. Many people suggested to tweak above settings. My chipset drivers and bios are already updated and using Ryzen balanced power plan. Can someone explain me what those options are and should I set those on or off? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi there, so I'm using Ryzen 3100 on my rig. The issue is that its idle temp is 50C which is higher than usual. While gaming its around ~70C which is not bad(sometimes it touches 75 but rarely). Someone suggested me to change these BIOS settings: Global C-state Control = Enabled Power Supply Idle Control = Low Current Idle CPPC = Enabled CPPC Preferred Cores = Enabled PPC Adjustment = PState 0 if u have I'm not familiar with these settings and I don't wanna break anything or make my system unstable. Please someone explain me this and should I enable these settings. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. And should I remove the cooler and check if its spread properly or that will make a mess or something?
  4. Hi I have recently built my first gaming rig. My cpu is Ryzen 3 3100. While assembling I have attached and removed the stock cooler many times because I couldn't get all 4 screws to fit properly. After that eventually it was done by closing the screws in cross pattern. But during that I removed and placed the wraith stealth cooler at least 3-4 times. I didn't create any mess so the paste wan't spread anywhere except above the cpu. Now Currently My idle cpu temp is 50C and on gaming it's ~70C. Sometimes it touches 75C. I checked this processor reviews that its idle temp is very low. But at the same time it never goes above 75C. at least for now. How can I know that the pre-applied paste is doing its job? should I be worried about this? Thanks.
  5. If the small screen(~5 inch) is a deal breaker for you then your best choice would be pixel 4a. Also I would suggest you to go for AMOLED screen instead of IPS LCD. There are many good Samsung phones that comes under your requirements like A51, A71 etc. You should definately take a look at that. Samsung M series if its available in your region. Also if you could get older iphones like iphone 7, 8, 8 plus in your budget go ahead with that as well. Apple still gives OS updates to those devices and will last you longer. those are also ~5 inch screen phones
  6. 3a doesn't have that good processor(snapdragon 675). I think its market price is $399. the 4a will come around $349. It will have snapdragon 730. So if you're looking for a phone that will last longer without any lags or shutting, I wouldn't consider 3a unless you get it in a really good deal. How much the pixel 4 cost? pixel 4 and 4a has only 0.1 inch difference that really shouldn't be a much difference. Go through its unboxing and videos to check how handy it is.
  7. no they're not moving. I mean I have attached hdd and ssd properly. but bit worried of cables bending as I don't know how durable sata cables are.
  8. Practically you really shouldn't go with pixel 3a now. It was okay if you were considering last year. go with pixel 4a. It's cheaper, better specs than 3a that will last you longer and its very handy. Not a big screen I would say so it will be very handy to you.
  9. Hi there, I have recently build my first gaming rig. I have 240GB Crucial SSD and 1TB Segeate HDD. I'm using Corsair CX550 as my power supply. Now I can't figure out how to use SATA cables in a way that doesn't bend. I have attached some pics of my current situation. Please let me know should I be worried about this? Thanks for help.
  10. I see thanks. Also can you suggest me RPMs I should set on the fans while at 50C and at 70C?
  11. So should I change fan speeds and make it faster at 45-50C?
  12. Yes but what about my idle? I'm worried about this. it stays around 50C.