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  1. Hi! I’ve been using an old ASUS rog g551jm laptop for a while. It worked very well for its age. Summer is unbelievable hot, and my room gets very hot some days. One day I’ve noticed some changes in the performance. It wasn’t a decay, the performance dropped suddenly in like 1-2days. At that time I was only playing league and the indicator was the FPS. I had a fixed 120 with average of 100-120. Since the sudden change it starts at 120 then in a few minutes it’s around 30-75 with even higher lows like 15 for some time. Other programs show the same kind of performance, I just don’t have a way to measure it. Is there any software I can run to check what’s the problem? Since it happened i’ve changed the location of the laptop and it’s in a way cooler room, but the problem exists. I’ve tried to clean it 2yrs ago and found 0 amount of dirt, props to the flow I guess. Opened up again, very slightly dirty, I cleaned what I could. ps. I usually re-install everything in every year or two years. Right now I would avoid that if it’s possible. thanks for any help