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  1. It is not about a video suggestion what I was thinking, it was about help with a doubt referring a technical matter.
  2. But I'd like you if possible to answer to my first doubt about privacy for my profile. Is there a way to set privacy settings to prevent others to post on my profile?
  3. Thanks, I'm new here. I thought there was a way to set privacy in some way, at least to not get post on my profile made by other people. Also, is there a chance for the Linus guys to see a topic of mine?
  4. I wish that the guys from that make the YouTube videos see this topic and start experimenting on this, if they haven't tried before, in which case I don't find the video on their channel.
  5. All I want to do basically is disconnect the laptop's monitor from the iGPU and connect it to the dGPU. What you're saying, even tho I don't understand all the terminology, sounds like getting closer to what I wish could be possible. So that means modding the motherboard or something like that, by soldering, to make those connections possible?
  6. How do I stop other people from posting on my profile?
  7. I understand that, I just want to know if the mod is possible, so the onboard monitor gets connected directly to the dGPU, because that way the game doesn't need to get bypassed by the iGPU to the monitor and also would be nice to have the settings offered by the dGPU on the onboard monitor. Just want to know if someone that works with hardware is capable of doing that mod or maybe it could be done by a bios mod idk. I am not tech savy, I just know basic stuff.
  8. There are options for the monitor provided by the dedicated gpu control panel only available if the monitor is connected to the discrete graphics. Also, it's been proven that games get better performance when they are running on a monitor connected to the dedicated gpu (case of connecting to an external monitor in my case) than when they are being run using the onboard monitor connected to the igpu. This is important for me, just to know if it's possible or has anyone tried to mod the connection of the onboard monitor to the dedicated gpu.
  9. Ok, here's the thing... My laptop comes with two different video cards, the one from intel (integrated gpu) and an Nvidia card (discrete or dedicated graphics), when I connect an external monitor to the HDMI port, it connects straight to de discrete graphics, but the onboard monitor of the laptop is connected to the integrated graphics... Question: Has anyone tried or is it possible to do something or mod, I don't know, maybe the motherboard or anything to connect the onboard monitor of the laptop directly to de discrete graphics? I mean change the connection to the dedicated gpu only?