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  1. I sort of lacked the confident and patience for the other two cpu and ram stress tests, but I'll try to get around to them, unless you can recommend some more simplic methods for stress testing the cpu and ram for someone like me who isn't very tech-minded. Other than the gpu test results, the blue screens are offering some more information: -DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL . . . What failed: HiDCLASS.SYS -SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION . . . What failed: win32kfull.sys -FAST_ERESOURCE_PRECONDITION_VIOLATION -KERNAL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE -ATTEMPTED_EXECUTE_OF_NOEXECUTE_MEMORY Would be nice if I could just order some new ram, throw that in, and see how it works from there. @Craftyawesome
  2. For instance, here is what it looks like when my game crashed. @Craftyawesome But yeah, testing tomorrow.
  3. Howdy! I still exist btw. Been very busy lately. I'll try to run these tests tomorrow! In the meantime, potential update (maybe), when a game or browser crashes and I look at the task manager, it's always the gpu that spikes up like crazy. But I'm hesitant to say it's the gpu since these same problems occurred with the r9 390.
  4. I have attached the command prompt results. I'm working on the BSOD but the "Resource and Performance Monitor" application isn't completing. I'll try the steps again soon. For the meantime, here are all the bluescreen prompts I had gotten when I originally sent in the pc: nvlddmkm.sys e1i65x64.sys dxgkrnl.sys MEMORY_MANAGEMENT KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED APC_INDEX_MISMATCH The only recent one since the reboot has been the Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. Since we last spoke I haven't had any bluescreens. But wow will still sometimes occasionally crash.
  5. This pc has had multiple formats and windows installs since then, so that's unlikely the problem. Just as I was about to respond to you I got my first blue screen since bios reset: "page_fault_in_nonpaged_area". I have an inkling that it's a computer part that's the problem. Maybe the cpu like we thought before. I had the same blue screen and game crashing issues before I got the 8 gigs of updated ram too btw. Oh and btw, the first problem I ever had was the power supply bottlenecked on the 390 and ended up frying my old motherboard. Since then I've had upgrades and the only thing that has stayed the same has been the cpu and one ssd and the hdd. And the os is on a new ssd. So maybe something from that initial bottleneck affected the cpu?
  6. Here's another error message that comes after the last one I attached.
  7. I have an update, if ya'll are still around. I've been testing some games since everything's been running well, but when I test out world of warcraft retail it occasionally crashes the game and I get the attached message. Seems to do this regardless of graphics detail. I've been playing it on mostly maxed graphics and it runs great (80 fps or more, 200 if on low), but still occasionally crashes. This problem actually happened before this whole ordeal began (before the blue screen pc crashes). One other small problem that is possible related is that sometimes if I'm watching a youtube video my screen with quickly go to black or re-adjust then go back to normal. Then if I move between youtube tabs it will show the last image that appeared on all of them unless I reload the tab. I believe these wow crashes also happened when I had a different graphics card (before the 1070 ti), but can't say for certain (previous gpu was r9 390).
  8. Apologies for late reply. I have a massive update, though. I went into the bios, as you said to do, and loaded default settings, saved then booted. And magically, out of know where, everything works perfectly. Thank you so much for recommending to do load default settings. Here's a screenshot of the cpu running sekiro. I'm getting 60+ fps on max graphics. On top of this, everything from chrome, to loading videos, to moving around applications is smooth and seamless. I'm sure this seems like a simply fix for you, but it's massively a big deal for me. I really appreciate you helping me out with this, both @Craftyawesome and @Bombastinator !! I'll keep you updated if anything out of the ordinary happens. In the meantime, thanks so much for your 200 iq gentlemanliness! Best, Simon.
  9. Oh and not sure I mentioned it. But the previous cpu/gpu screenshots were taken after I updated the windows and the gpu drivers.
  10. Howdy again. Here are the updated screenshots. I included a screenshot of the gpu for safe measure. So we think it's mainly the cpu? Possibly the ram? If it's the cpu, which cpu would you recommend (for gaming and heavy multitasking)?
  11. Maybe it'd be best if I remove the two newer sticks and see if there are any meaningful changes? Can't remember if the tech did this or not.
  12. @Craftyawesome Sorry for the late reply. I took some updated screenshots. The game I used to take them defaults to a menu screen, but hopefully that's not a problem. Let me know if I messed anything up. The first cpu screenshot was after I had selected high performance. The games that appear to have the most trouble are cpu intensive. So if that is the problem, it would make sense. Thanks for the great help so far.
  13. Small update: I ran the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on low graphics and I averaged a little under 30 fps (I normally got well over 60 on high graphics). I ran Enter the Gungeon and averaged about 45 fps (should run a lot better than that). I have Oldschool Runescape again and got about 6 fps. The above screenshots I linked were when I was playing Enter the Gungeon. I ran it again after I downloaded Sekiro, and there were no noticeable differences in the stats.
  14. Here ya go friend. I took some extra screenshots in case you needed more information. I bought the other two sticks of ram (4x4) at a later date. Maybe that could be an issue?
  15. So he swapped everything except for the cpu and motherboard since they didn't have those in stock at the time.