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  1. bwadelee

    New PC Build

    Im not really sure why im running 32GB of ram to be honest, someone mentioned that to me before that i may have been better off with just the 16gb? rarely i video edit just run a virtual machine to play with in my spare time, otherwise just play games. I can always pull it if its gonna hold me back in anyway. This kinda sounds stupid but its my first half decent build in a while and ive lost my touch just a bit
  2. bwadelee

    New PC Build

    Hi guys, i just finished building my new PC, photos to come soon when i get my phone working, Kinda a rush build but of course plans to upgrade in future if i ever need to, Im not a full time gamer but dont mind playing a few here and there i built this pretty much because i was sick of having a slow laggy computer for anything i do haha... Ryzen 7 3700x gigabyte x570 gaming x 32gb of ripjaws ddr4 3600 4x8gb 2 x 500gb nvme's (Not currently in Raid, having boot issues with windows after installing) 2x1gb sata ssd's MSI GeForce RTX 2060 VENTUS 6GB OC 750watt Corsair Full Modular RM750x Thermaltake RGB Water Cooling system Standard Black Thermaltake Mid Case