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  1. That is the exact model I have, VG270 only difference is it's the basic 75hz version, and I was searching for it buuuuuttt, I couldn't find it anywhere for sale at the moment in my country, Singapore. We just had a National Day sale and maybe it went out of stock or something. But I scoured through various places and nada. Can't even find it on the Acer Singapore website.
  2. So I meddled around abit with Nvidia Control panel and found that the best results I got were,l just turning off Gsync and Freesync, setting the vsync is Nvidia control Panel as "Use 3D application" and turned on vsync in game. Thanks for the suggestion!
  3. There are some 144hz panels for around 250 or even 350 but they are either 23 or 24 inches or TN panels. This is an IPS with an advertised 1ms response time. I needed an ips cause I do do some light video editing. But yes! The bigger screen was what I needed! It's so nice! And I don't have to be sitting so close to my desk to game, I can lie on my bed and just game comfortably. Although I have to admit, I didn't think 144hz to a 75hz would be quite so jarring. I think a 27" would've been a great sweet spot for you. Also, I don't think going from a 4K to a 1080p is a bad thing. Games don't really run well in 4K unless you have like high end gear. And plus 1080p/1440p gives you better performance. Don't think we are really at a "4K is the new standard" just yet, hahaha!
  4. I haven't tried turning either off. Thought they were supposed to work in tandem? But I'll try tomorrow and update! Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. OK so I'm probably the only idiot in the world who has upgraded and downgraded at the same time. I have an Acer Predator Helios 500, 17" 144hz screen, but I recently decided to get a bigger 27" external monitor (Acer VG270) so I can just sit back and relax abit further away from my desk with my controller playing non FPS, console type games. The only thing is it is a 75hz monitor, (27" 144hz monitors are like $400 - $600 where I'm from. I got this monitor at $250), and there seems to be quite a bit of tearing while playing my games, currently Shadow Of The Tomb Raider. I have made the external monitor my main display, turned on g sync which seems to be compatible with the Freesync monitor, even with v sync on in game there seems to be a bit of stuttering. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this type of compatibility issues and if they had any fixes for it.