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  1. Hello, i’m a fellow Canadian from the french side (Montreal) and i’m out of solutions to find maybe you might have an idea... So i have this high end peripherals (Simucube 2 Pro direct drive base, Simulaje F1S steering wheel and the Heusinkveld Sprint pedals, on a Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master + Intel I9-10900KF + RTX 2080Ti + 32 gig Ram Kingston Predator 3200 + Samsung 970 Evo M2 Nvme SSD) i use the pimax 5k + for Iracing, the thing is watching other people on youtube their handling seems different the mine. They seem to more “braking force and cornering grip” then i do. I try changing the motherboard went from the Asus Z490 Strix Maximus Xi Hero to the one i have now the Gigabyte one but i didn’t affect anything. Can it be maybe the power outlet doesn’t provide a steady 110/120V? If i add a APC will it help to have a more efficient output of electricity? Thanks! PS: it’s not my driving, i’m following the exact lines let say from a person who can manage to gain consistly 2 seconds per lap on the same track and same car. They can brake a little later then i can and when turning the car keeps the radius of the so called turn which i can’t! Ever heard of this kind of alien bug?