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  1. The scale is just a workstation/game pc (in that order), to be housed somewhere else than where I have to listen to it. Thanks a ton, that's given me something to work from
  2. Should have explain this, I live in Denmark and IT is about 15-25% more expensive here than anywhere else I've ever seen. I can't even find an i7-10700K. (we've got a website that puts almost all IT shops on the same site). The i7-9700K is currently 2.903 DKK (about 355 USD).
  3. About 1.200-1.500 USD I guess, in total for a board, cpu, psu, ram, gpu. It's raw photos with multiple layers, tend to pin my laptop pretty good. Especially when I'm contracted to do timelapses, but that's more the compiling of the video.
  4. I'll be honest, I'd prefer a motherboard with a displayport in and a thunderbolt3 port, which can do that funny business the titan ridge can, but I don't know if that even is a thing.
  5. Was thinking in the worst case scenario, I could get an add in card like the titan ridge
  6. I don't have a board yet, I'm planning a completely new build. The budget is best bang for the buck really. I'm too busy with studies to play often and I don't have a ton of money as a student. Only thing that's a must, is the thunderbolt3 business, as I really cannot stand the hum of a pc.
  7. Hi guys I'm having some problems deciding which CPU to go with, as in I have no clue at all. I want to play some video games, edit some photos and run my PC through a thunderbolt cable, because I really don't want to listen to it. So would AMD or Intel be best suited and which lineup? Best regards
  8. Hello everyone. I'm hoping to get a little help understanding the capabilities of a couple of Gigabyte motherboards I've found, the W480 Vision D and the Z490 Vision D. I have a small photography and video business, and I've reached the point, where I can't keep buying external hard drives or I will end up like some of the youtubers Linus have helped out making a server, with boxes and boxes of external hard drives, so I'm currently trying to find hardware and an approximation of a price for a NAS server. As I'm currently editing photos on a somewhat tired laptop, I'd like to make it capable of editing photografies and 4K timelapse videos and use it as a workstation at the same time. As I'm doing all of this from my home, while taking a degree, I'd like it to be able to play games on aswell, so it's greated a list of needs, that's both dictated by my business, my love of movies, my living arrangements and the desire to play games. The server I'd like to run must Run an unraid NAS server. I've found a SilverStone Technologies 4U server I like the aesthetics of, this will allow me to slot in first one Hot-Swap cage, then down the line an HBA and another Hot-Swap cage. It must run quiet, as because of my living arrangements, I cannot fit even a small server rack in a closed of room, so it's going to end up in my TV furniture, where it's form fits perfectly instead of a drawer. Also why the aesthetics matter. Run Plex Media Server with a supported CPU with integrated graphics for hardware acceleration when needed. Run my business website. I would like the server to be capable of Running a Windows 10 Pro VM, that I can use for my job and playing games. This will of course have it's own dedicated graphics card passed through to it. I would then also like the VM to have it's display output passed through a Thunderbolt3 to a terminal, like Linus Sebastian have done in his video I may never upgrade again!, since I have a little office where I sit down with costumers. That's why I can't keep the server in that room. In the video, Linus Sebastian use a Titan Ridge card for passing his video output to Thunderbolt3, but I've found a couple of motherboards that fits my needs, at least on paper and if the functionality is there. Both the Gigabyte W480 Vision D and the Gigabyte Z490 Vision D have 2 Thunderbolt3 ports in the back and a DisplayPort in, but can I use those to pass the video through Thunderbolt like I would with a Titan Ridge? And would I be able to do that on a VM? I don't know if it makes a difference which chipset is used for it, but I'd like to use the W480, as I'd be happier with a Xeon W APU, due to it's support of ECC memory. Data integrety is fairly important for the movies and pictures I create for costumers. I hope someone knows this and can help me find out if I've finally found the hardware I should focus on getting, as I've already spent close to 2 months trying to learn about servers. Thank you all in advance and for your time.
  9. Okay, so what affect the the performance of software encoding the most, cores or clock speeds? I'll be replacing the stock fan no matter what, I've gone to great lengths looking at silent and efficient options of creating sufficient airflow to cool the hard drives, and I want to utilise the airflow for the apu as well, because I only have space in my living room. With a few modifications to the case and to my furniture, it'll fit instead of one of the drawers.
  10. Quick Sync will be working overtime in my setup, here I'm allowed to save a copy of a video borrowed from the public library and ripping that and converting it to h.264 will be a perfect task for Intel Quick Sync. But how would I go about lowering the tdp? I was already planning on not enabling turbo boost and just run it at base clock speeds. I've been advice against undervolting due to some security issues with Intel processors and I don't want to use a blown fan, in fact I just saw a ltt video today about a thermal siphon cooler that looks interesting.
  11. I'm only planning on 1 stream, at the most 2, but I'd like to run unraid and in case of a parity rebuild, I'm thinking the extra umpf could help out on that process? I'm going with the T series mostly because of it's lower tdp, should allow me to run a passive cooler and use the airflow through the case, right? Planning on a 3u rack mount I've gotten for free.
  12. Hi everyone. I'm looking at APU's to use in a NAS server I'm planning on making, and I've found a couple of Intel APUs I like the initial look of. I'm going to use the NAS for archive for work and my own time, aswell as running a plex media server. ECC might not be entirely needed, but I might aswell look into it, since the work archive folder will be important. I'm open to not using ECC if it's not needed for this kind of application (I'm new to the entire server thing and I'm only just learning about it). The first one is an i3-9300T, because of it's ECC support, but I'm not entirely sure which chipset I need to pair it up with, to be able to take advantage of the ECC? The second one is an i3-10300T, no ECC, but it's 10th gen (not sure if there's any advantages there). The third is an i5-10600T, still no ECC, but a couple of more cores. I'm going to use Intel Quick Sync for hardware accelerated video transcoding for plex and the power consumption for the entire system is as important as everything else. My question is, which of the APUs would serve my needs best?