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  1. Which one of these would be a better choice between the two?
  2. Hey What's the storage upgrade options for the base model HP Omen 15, 15-en0001AX?
  3. Because I will take it to my college, I don't wanna have a hassle of setting up a pc in my dorm
  4. Occasional means I don't grind games, I am not crazy about em, I play them once every few weeks Which thinkpad?
  5. Thank you, what do you think of the base model zephyrus g14?
  6. I looked into it, it has thermal issues apparently
  7. Hey I need some laptop suggestions, my budget is around 1100$ I need a device which I can occasionally game on but I'll be joining a college soon so I would like it to be well built and reliable for general coding and stuff Thank You